Picture Frames

  • What to Frame for Valentine's Day

    Need some creative inspiration that will make your celebration of love a huge success? We’re here to help. Forget the mundane chocolate and flowers and opt for a meaningful gift that is sure to spark the “feels.” Here’s five sure-fire future favs for your Valentine. Frame Your Favorite... more
  • How to Frame Diplomas

    After years of hard work and perhaps a few tears, you’ve finally received that simple piece of paper that makes it all worthwhile: your diploma. Instead of keeping it tucked away in a drawer, though, put it on display the right way. Ready Your Diploma for the Frame Most diplomas are delivered... more
  • How to Calculate the Outside Dimension of a Picture Frame

    Art and mathematics may seem like odd bedfellows; however, understanding how to properly measure and choose the right size frame display based on the venue separates the art-show-ready professionals from the amateurs. If you are submitting art to a gallery or setting up a booth for an art show,... more
  • 5 Mistakes When Ordering Custom Picture Frames

    Buying a custom picture frame has never been easier. Instead of lugging your painting to a custom frame shop—which are now fewer and farther between—with online frame shops you can simply view, click, and order. Even though it’s easier, there are some common mistakes almost everyone makes... more
  • How to Find (Good) Ready-Made Picture Frames

    Not everyone needs a custom frame, especially when your photo or artwork is a standard size. Ready-made picture frames are plentiful—you can find cheap ready-made picture frames at craft shops and local big-box stores—but, unfortunately, they are generally not the best choice for picture... more
  • Picture Framing Throughout the Ages

    Over the years, picture frames have evolved in design just like the art they contain. The earliest picture frames—dating back to AD 50–70 —were simple, unadorned wood frames that served only as a functional way to display artwork. Hundreds of years later, the frames became pieces of art... more
  • Pairing Canvas Floater Frames With Stretcher Bars and Pre-stretched Canvases

    Canvas floater frames, which create the illusion of the canvas “floating" within the frame, are an elegant way to enhance your gallery wrapped artwork. Canvas floater frames are a great way to showcase large, striking pieces of artwork—there is no frame to detract from the work itself. In... more
  • How to Order a Custom Picture Frame

    A store-bought photo frame is a quick solution, but the only option you get to choose is the frame itself. Everything else in the package, such as the mat board and glazing, is selected for you, and they may not be exactly what you want. Ordering a custom frame from Frame Destination, however,... more
  • When a Custom Picture Frame is Better than Store-Bought

    Going to the nearest big box store or department store when you need a picture frame is the natural inclination of many people. But the selections and styles at these stores are limited and you’re likely to see the same frames in your friends and family’s homes. Custom picture frames give you... more
  • How to Display Art without a Frame

    We’ve all experienced taping posters, photos, and other artwork to our walls without bothering with a picture frame. As adults, this approach doesn’t always go with the polished décor in the rest of the home. If you like the low-profile look of art and photos without a frame, you can still... more

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