• Choosing the Right Framing Glass for Clarity and Protection

    When you’re framing a piece of art or a photo and it comes time to choose which type of glass you’d like, how do you decide? Glazing, or frame glass, is an often overlooked step in the framing process because most people focus on the mat and frame. Choosing the right glazing can make a dramatic... more
  • OBA Inkjet Paper and Framing Glass Choices

    Improper framing can make your print look yellow and faded if you are using inkjet paper that contains Optical Brightener Agents (OBAs). The latest, brightest white inkjet papers such as Epson’s Exhibition Fiber paper use OBAs. Optical Brighteners are additives used to make paper look whiter.... more
  • Benefits of Acrylic for Picture Framing

    When you picture a traditional picture frame, you likely imagine a wood or metal frame with a solid glass cover. It’s been used by our mothers, grandmothers, and great grandmothers and it surrounds us to this day. Glass certainly has some great characteristics when it comes to displaying and... more
  • The Science Behind Artglass

    Glazing is often the last decision you make when you are completing your framing package. And the options—much like the rest of the framing process—are manifold. Framing and conservation experts often recommend acrylic, which offers both UV protection and anti-reflective coatings; however,... more
  • Introducing Artglass: Professional Art and Collections Deserve a Professional Look

    With all the time and effort you put into your creations and collections, don’t you want to display them in the best possible way? Frame Destination now proudly carries Artglass, the same glass used in museum and in the art-display industry worldwide. This glass can be used for many types of... more
  • How to Care for Paintings That Aren’t Under Glass

    In many cases, framing art with a protective glazing is a good idea, but glass isn’t suitable for all types of art. Printed artwork such as photographs are generally fine with glazing, and the right choice of glass or acrylic combined with a quality picture frame can help prevent the... more
  • The Benefits of Acrylic Glazing

    When you are starting a framing project, choosing the proper elements may be a little confusing. Framing a prized piece of art requires choosing a frame type – metal, wood or plastic; the matting to protect and showcase your picture and the glazing. You can either elect to use glass or acrylic;... more
  • How to Clean and Care for Acrylic

    Acrylic has three qualities that make it an excellent substitute for glass in picture framing. It is shatterproof, lightweight and an excellent thermal insulator. Acrylic does require some special care and handling. Listed below are suggestions for cleaning and caring for acrylic. Cleaning: Never... more
  • Pros and Cons of Acrylic Glazing for Framing

    Acrylic is a type of glazing that can be used in place of glass for picture framing. It is often referred to by the brand name of Plexiglas. While glass picture frame glazing may be traditional, acrylic glazing offers many of the same features (UV-filter, non-glare) as glass with a few added... more
  • Glass vs. Acrylic for Photography Framing

    Making a decision about what type of glazing to use in a framed item causes a surprising amount of consternation. The most common question is whether to use glass or acrylic for the picture frame glazing. However, the decision really goes far beyond just glass vs. acrylic. Even seasoned framers... more

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