Full Sheet Foam Board

Cut your own custom-sized mounting boards for special projects.
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Regular Foam 3/16 Full Sheet

$6.97 / ea

Regular Foam 1/8 Full Sheet

$6.97 / ea

Acid Free 1/8 FoamBoard Full Sheet

$8.48 / ea

Artcare Foam 3/16 Full Sheet

$11.45 / ea

2-Ply AlphaRag White Full Sheet

$11.25 / ea

PaperMat Backing Full Sheet

$5.73 / ea

We offer a range of full sheet 32x40” mounting board, also known as backing board, for your special projects or custom needs. These large sized mounting boards can easily be cut to size to fit any art or framing project. Full sheet mounting boards are available in a range of widths and in both black and white. Frame Destination offers specialty mount board full sheets, archival-quality full sheet mount board and more economical full sheets for everyday framing needs. We also happy to pre-cut mount board to your custom size request.