Foam Board

An integral part of the framing process, mount board is used to support and protect framed artwork.
Foam Board - Mounting
Custom cut to any size you need. Archival and non-archival in 1/8 and 3/16 inch thickness.
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Full Sheet Foam Board
Frame Destination offers a range of full sheet 32x40” mount board for your special projects or custom needs.
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Foam Board - Mounting

Mounting Board is used to support and protect framed artwork.

Mounting board, also known as backing board and used to support and protect framed artwork, is an integral part of the picture framing process. Frame Destination offers a large selection of mounting board for photos and prints, including archival and non-archival backing board or foamboard. Most mounting board is offered in white, but we carry black backing board from Bainbridge’s Artcare line for a sleek look and supreme protection.

Archival mount board from Bainbridge protects framed artwork from airborne pollutants and reduces the chance of yellowing and fading. Non-conservation backing board is also available, including self-adhesive mounting board that makes for quick temporary framing, presentations or crafts. Frame Destination’s collection of photo mounting boards are offered in all standard framing sizes, but custom sizes are available.

At FD, you'll find:
  • All Standard Framing Sizes
  • White and Black Colors Available
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Protects from Airbourne Pollutants
  • Archival and Non-Archival
  • Reduces Chance of Yellowing and Fading