Black Frame Décor Trends

Written by Joely Rogers

For decades women have appreciated the timeless versatility of a little black dress. Long seen as the go-to garb for cocktail parties, today’s LBDs are adaptable enough to go practically anywhere. Throw on a leather jacket and you’re ready for date night. Add tights and a bold jacket and it’s work attire. Put on some colorful sneakers, a denim jacket, and sunglasses and you’re all set for a day of sightseeing.

Choosing a black picture frame is much like what a woman considers when selecting a little black dress. With a dress, we look for flattering fabric cuts like A-line, empire waist, or sheath, along with fabric quality. With a frame, we also consider style and caliber of construction. And while there are certainly low-quality black frames out there, be assured that a black frame from Frame Destination is well made and flattering to almost any type of artwork.

When Decorating With Black Is Best

White and natural wood are considered neutral tones, but they tend to be more casual. Black frames offer a sleek, elegant vibe. To create a nice balance, your photo or art should have both light and dark tones, because a black frame will showcase the darker features and serve as a contrast to lighter tones. 

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If the purpose of your framed art is to complement your room’s décor, it’s important that the frame suits the space it’s intended for. Fortunately, black frames go well with almost any interior design style. In fact, every room should have at least a smidge of black because black is a grounding place for your eyes to rest. A black frame on a white or light-colored wall gives an instant contrast, drawing the eye to focus on your art. 

Four Favorite Black Frames

Below I describe four “little black frame” styles that we carry at Frame Destination. All but the last frame are available in additional finishes — because just like wardrobes, your home décor needs a variety of neutrals and splashes of color!

  • Timeless Round Top (aka Nielsen Profile 15). By round we’re referring to the “face” (top surface) of the frame, which in this case is gently curved with a 3/4" width. It’s made of high-quality aluminum for great durability. Feel free to cluster an arrangement of these frames in multiple sizes to showcase your vacation or other happy memories. Black finishes:Matte Black, Anodic Black. Other colors: Frosted Silver, German Silver, Silver, Frosted Walnut, Frosted Gold, Frosted Bronze, Bright White. 
Black frames on brick wall
  • Satin Finish Elegance (aka Nielsen Profile 24). Like the above aluminum frame, this one also features a soft curve, but at a slightly different angle and a slimmer 1/2” width. The brushed sheen lends a subtle sophistication to your décor and is a great choice for a gallery wall. Black finishes: Brushed Satin Black. Other colors: Brushed Satin German Silver, Brushed Satin Slate, Brushed Satin Chocolate. 
living room satin decor
  • Refined Gallery Style (aka Neilsen Profile 97). Clean lines and simple construction give the appearance of a classic wood frame but in durable aluminum nearly 1 inch wide. If you have a grouping of artworks in assorted sizes and colors, you can unify them with a black frame like this one. Hang them in a pleasing pattern or place them on built-in or hanging shelves. Black finishes: Matte Black, Florentine Black. Other colors: German Silver, Brushed Aluminum Satin, Tuscan Linen Amber.
gallery style black frames
  • Smooth Solid Wood (aka Wood Frame Profile 851). At 3/4" wide, this frame’s even, matte finish enhances your art with the nuanced warmth of wooden construction. The dark wood and rich romantic mood of the red-walled room below would make a terrific setting for a wood frame like this. (Read this article for the pros and cons of wood vs. metal frames.) Available in Matte Black only.
stacked vertical frames

We hope you have a newfound appreciation for the chic functionality of black frames. If you have any questions, feel free to share them in the comments below. Happy Little Black Framing! 

Last Updated September 12, 2022