• How to Order a Custom Picture Frame

    A store-bought photo frame is a quick solution, but the only option you get to choose is the frame itself. Everything else in the package, such as the mat board and glazing, is selected for you, and they may not be exactly what you want. Ordering a custom frame from Frame Destination, however,... more
  • Frame Destination Now Recognized as a Google Trusted Store

    Frame Destination has always dedicated itself to providing best-in-class customer service. Now, having been awarded a Google Trusted Stores badge, we’ve proven it. The Google Trusted Store badge is awarded to e-commerce sites that demonstrate a track record of on-time shipping and excellent... more
  • What’s the Difference Between Mat Board, Mount Board and Foam Core?

    Most people are familiar with the basic components of a framing package, including the frame itself and the glazing. But there’s more to it than that: namely the mat board and mount board, sometimes referred to as foam core. While they both have the appearance of sheets of paper, they serve... more
  • When a Custom Picture Frame is Better than Store-Bought

    Going to the nearest big box store or department store when you need a picture frame is the natural inclination of many people. But the selections and styles at these stores are limited and you’re likely to see the same frames in your friends and family’s homes. Custom picture frames give you... more
  • What Do I Need to Frame a Photo?

    “What do I need to frame a photo?” is a common question from DIY framers. While many people turn to pre-made kits from department stores, those kits can’t always give you the custom look that you want. Whether it’s a different mat size or color, a larger frame, a deeper frame, or any other... more
  • White Mat Boards for Picture Frames: Understanding the Differences in Color

    One of the most frequent questions we get is how to tell the difference between our white mat boards. In this post, I’ll explain the basic differences and provide some suggestions as to what types of art look best with each color of mat board. Artists and DIY picture framers use white mat... more
  • How to Store Photos Without Them Turning Yellow

    If you’ve ever seen an old photo, you’ve likely noticed the distinct yellow tinge to the print. That’s not necessarily part of the old print making process; the discoloration could be a result of the way the photo was displayed or stored over time. Photos and other artwork can become... more
  • How Large Should a Frame Mat Be?

    Choosing the right frame mat is just as important to the complete framed look as choosing the frame itself. Choosing the material of your mat is important to art preservation, but things like mat color, how many mats, and how large the mat is have a major impact on the aesthetic of your framed... more
  • 5 Tips for a Successful Gallery Show

    Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, most artists dream of seeing their work hung in a gallery and being the star of the show’s opening night. While art is all around us, landing a gallery show can be mystifying. Who do you talk to? What should you expect? How do gallery owners decide... more
  • DIY Picture Framing for Beginners

    Emily Jones is a young Texas-based artist specializing in whimsical watercolor images. She’s also a newbie to DIY picture framing and was kind enough to write a blog post for us detailing her experiences with our website and products. Check out more of her artwork at Emily Erin... more

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