• Bottom-Weighting and the Golden Mean

    When framing artwork with mat board, one of the questions that arises is how much space, exactly, should be left on all sides of the artwork. Different framers, artists and art lovers have different opinions: some like single mat boards with four equal borders, while others love the look of... more
  • What to Frame for Valentine's Day

    Need some creative inspiration that will make your celebration of love a huge success? We’re here to help. Forget the mundane chocolate and flowers and opt for a meaningful gift that is sure to spark the “feels.” Here’s five sure-fire future favs for your Valentine. Frame Your Favorite... more
  • Float Mounting vs. Floater Frames: What's the Difference?

    When it comes to framing artwork, there is a lot of lingo to learn: rabbet, hinging, moulding and points, to name a few. Two terms that are often confused — and often incorrectly used interchangeably, when in fact they are very different things — are float mounting and floater frames. The... more
  • Holiday Decor With Frames

    Year after year, people haul out the same holiday decorations from the attic, basement, or storage — garlands, candles, bows and other knickknacks that have probably seen better days. This year, instead of relying on those ho-hum decorations, make your own fresh and inviting holiday décor with... more
  • 5 Holiday Gifts for Photographers and Artists

    If you’re an artist, you know what you like to use in your craft: the paintbrushes, canvases, paint and other art supplies that make your art yours. Around the holidays, you may get the same art supplies year after year, none of which may be suited to your work. While it’s thoughtful,... more
  • 5 (More) Uses for the GalleryPouch Bubble Bag

    The GalleryPouch bubble bag was designed and created with art in mind: it has the perfect size, shape and durability to protect picture frames, canvas gallery wraps and rolled prints. An optional Velcro® closure ensures that everything stays inside, so your artwork stays safe no matter where it... more
  • Pressing and Framing Fall Leaves

    Fall is in the air, and with it comes one of nature’s greatest art shows: the changing colors of the leaves. People from all over the country plan trips to visit some of the most beautiful areas for fall foliage, armed with cameras and an appreciation for the outdoors. While you can certainly... more
  • Polaroid's Comeback: Preserving and Displaying Instant Film

    The introduction of digital cameras slowed a big part of the photography industry. Gone are the days of bringing rolls of film to the local shop to get them developed, and those bulky Polaroid cameras now gather dust in the closet. But Polaroid cameras have recently been coming out of storage.... more
  • See Frame Destination at PhotoPlus Expo

    There’s nothing like getting together with some like-minded people and professionals, so we’re hitting the road and heading from Dallas to New York City, where we’ll be among the thousands of people attending (and exhibiting!) at the PDN PhotoPlus International Conference and Expo. Come... more
  • Using Gallery Lighting to Illuminate Your Framed Artwork

    A home is not a museum — there aren’t any guards to protect the valuables, and the house wasn’t built only as a way to display artwork. But even though you may not have all the bells and whistles of a museum, you can still light up your artwork professionally with a few gallery lighting... more

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