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Mat Board

Custom matboard elevates your framed art or photos to the next level.
Pre-Cut Mat and Uncut Matboard Sheets
Respected Manufacturers
Archival Quality Mat Boards
Matboard Samples Available
Variety of Styles and Colors
Wholesale Orders Available

Crescent Select 4Ply Window Mat board

$5.32 / Default 8x10 Configuration

Papermat-WC 4Ply Mat Board

$4.57 / Default 8x10 Configuration

Crescent 4Ply RagMat Museum Matboard

$7.31 / Default 8x10 Configuration

Select Conservation Matboard Solid 8-Ply

$8.35 / Default 8x10 Configuration

Crescent 8Ply RagMat Museum Mats

$12.82 / Default 8x10 Configuration

Crescent Select 4Ply Mat Board - Linens

$12.56 / Default 8x10 Configuration

Crescent Select 4Ply Matboard - BriteCores

$10.75 / Default 8x10 Configuration

Crescent Select 4Ply Matboard - Metallics

$6.04 / Default 8x10 Configuration

Crescent Select 4Ply Matboard - Etched Metals

$6.04 / Default 8x10 Configuration

Bainbridge 4ply Artcare™ Alphamat Matboard

$6.58 / Default 8x10 Configuration

Bainbridge 4Ply Alpharag Frame Mats

$8.55 / Default 8x10 Configuration

Multiple Opening Mat Fee

$3.50 / Starting at
Additional Options Available


With the right color and style, mat boards are the perfect way to elevate your framed art or photos. Frame Destination offers pre cut mats in sizes to fit all artwork and frames or pictures, as well as uncut mats for custom matting enthusiasts, framers and craft projects like posters, photos, making boards and more.

At FD, you'll find:

Decorative Picture Frame Mat

decorative matboard

Decorative matboard is a cost-effective framing mat and perfect for non-conservation art needs.

Conservation Matboard

conservation matboard

This type of mat is acid free and lignin free. This helps to protect artwork.

Museum Grade Matboard

museum grade mat

What are the requirements for a mat to be museum grade? These pre-cut mats are acid free, lignin free, free from dyes and 100% cotton.

Why order your mat board from Frame Destination? Our product selection of acid free and archival quality picture frame mat and rag mat for conservation framing, from respected manufacturers such as Bainbridge and Crescent comes available in a variety of styles and colors. Whether you are in need of decorative mats for your photos or need matboard for a custom size project, you won't find a better selection. To get the perfect match, order mat board samples for easy color comparison and to save time. Our best selling complete full sheet and pre-cut mat boards are available for wholesale orders as well. In addition to our matting and art supplies, we also offer additional backing materials such as foam board, mounting board plus additional framing supplies.