• Photo-Safe Tape Alternatives

    Standard, pressure-sensitive tape is certainly good enough to hang posters on a teenager’s bedroom wall, but it’s a different story when it comes to those precious family photographs that you wish to keep safe. Photo-safe hinging tape differs from regular tape in that the adhesive is acid-free,... more
  • How to Remove and Replace the Spring Clips in your Metal Picture Frame Package

    Spring tension clips, or simply “spring clips”, are used to keep the picture frame’s components, mount board, artwork, mat board, and glazing, secured tightly within the frame. When you purchase a metal picture frame from Frame Destination that includes components such as mat board, mount... more
  • CD and DVD Archiving: Quick Care and Handling Guide

    For nearly two decades, CDs have been a medium of choice for archiving computer data, and they were later joined by DVDs. Anyone who has suffered from data loss knows how important it is to back up computer files – especially photograph collections. As a photo storage option, burning photo files... more
  • Archival Photo Corners

    Many of us think of photo corners like the ones in the photo albums our grandmother had. Beautifully constructed with thick black paper and black photo corners, these were designed to house a multitude of memories while adding an extra touch to help showcase the entire collection. As times have... more
  • Archival Print Storage Solutions

    Digital photography has opened up the hobby to many people that were either intimidated by the standard cameras with dozens of settings or couldn’t afford the expensive equipment. Though photography has changed in the last few decades, the question ‘How do I archive photo prints?’ remains.... more
  • What are Picture Frame Spacers & Why Do You Need Them?

    Picture framing is both art and science, and unless you go with pre-made framing kits or other ready-made frames, tackling this skill requires an understanding of the framing components and a fair amount of experience. You’ll soon find there are many different components that go into a frame,... more
  • Protective Plastic Slips for Art Prints

    Clear Bags is a descriptive term used to describe the clear poly bags that are designed for storing photos and paintings when they're not hanging up on your wall – but it's also a trademark. Clear BagsTM are some of the finest print protectors we've found for archival storage of artifacts. Here's... more
  • Storage and Framing Products Safe for Photos

    When you are storing or framing your photography and need the prints to last it is important that you select the proper materials. The Image Permanence Institute developed the Photographic Activity Test (or PAT) to help manufactures verify materials are safe. PAT is an international standard test... more
  • Archival Storage Boxes: Protecting Your Memories

    If you were inside a burning house, you’d be frantically grabbing  things: your kids, your pets, your spouse, and yes, even your mother-in-law. You might also grab, if you were able, as many photographs as you could handle. In fact, photos are among the first material items people think to save... more
  • CD/DVD Care, Handling, & Storage

    From the National Institute of Standards and Technology's special publication of the care and handling of Cds and DVDs Quick Reference Guide for Care and Handling Do: Handle discs by the outer edge or the center hole. Use a non solvent-based felt-tip permanent marker to mark the label side of the... more

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