Great Frame Styles for Cottagecore Interior Design

Written by Joely Rogers

Have you ever dreamed of ditching the stressful, screen-laden, consumer-driven life and moving to a quiet village in the French countryside? If so, the cottagecore movement may be right up your alley. Popularized on social media platforms starting in 2017, cottagecore blossomed during our home-bound pandemic days into an aesthetic style of its own. 

When we apply cottagecore to fashion, we picture peasant blouses, long boho dresses, and hair ribbons. Cottagecore activities include things like baking, thrifting, growing your own vegetables (pandemic garden, anyone?), and grandmotherly pastimes like crocheting and cross-stitching.

But how does cottagecore manifest as an interior design style?  

“Coziness at Home”

I like how Molly Hatch, owner of the tableware/home goods company that bears her name, describes cottagecore as “coziness at home.” Inspired by a simple, pastoral life, cottagecore brings the outside indoors with décor like fresh flowers, rustic furniture, handmade crafts, and natural materials like wood and wicker. The color palette tends to be soothing neutrals and warm earth tones.

Cottagecore Frames We Love

Cottagecore fans are often champions of sustainability. We can relate. At Frame Destination, we’re committed to sourcing all our natural wood moldings from manufacturers that practice sustainable harvesting. 

Now that you know your frame purchase will help make a positive impact in the world, let’s take a look at frames that will make a stylish impact in your home. 

Modern Edge: Wood Picture Frame Profile 760

The slender 7/8” width of this frame leans toward modern. Cottagecore vibes come in by way of the light brushstroke texture and a thin border of natural wood. Choose between two finishes: the White Ayous with its Scandinavian blond wood border and a white textured face, or the Black Olive featuring a coffee-hued border with a black textured face.

Perfect for: Plein air paintings (cottagecore to the max!), charcoal drawings, and a variety of photographic prints. 

Rustic Subtlety: Wood Picture Frame Profile 547

With a slim 3/4" frame that won’t overshadow your art, this gallery-style frame has a natural woodgrain texture for an understated rustic look in any room of your home. It’s available in seven soothing woodgrain finishes, including Off-White, Natural, Charcoal, and Black. 

Perfect for: Warm-toned photos, graphite and chalk drawings, and monochromatic watercolors.

Wide & Rustic: Wood Frame Profile 549

You know how barn doors are all the rage on HGTV lately? This frame (a wider version of Profile 547 above) has the same fresh-off-the-farm feeling with its extra-wide 2” face. Seven natural woodgrain finishes give you lots of options — from Walnut and Off-White to Barnwood Grey and Barnwood Black, plus a contemporary Espresso finish.

Perfect for: Warm-toned photos, graphite and chalk drawings, and monochromatic watercolors.

Folk Art Floater: Canvas Float Frame F797 

Cottagecore takes full advantage of the fact that nature is colorful. So do we with this whimsical line of frames. Choose from a palette with fun Southern-esque names like Whiskey Brown, Bourbon Orange, Mint Julep, Alabama Red, and Petticoat Pink. These distressed frames are beautiful alone or combined with a contrasting inset

Perfect for: Both modern and traditional styles of canvas art. 

Any of these four frame collections will help you capture the cottagecore look at home. For a peek at other interior design styles and frame pairings, check out this blog post. And if we can help you customize your frame to suit your artwork or your aesthetic, reach out anytime.

Last Updated May 23, 2022