• Polaroid's Comeback: Preserving and Displaying Instant Film

    The introduction of digital cameras slowed a big part of the photography industry. Gone are the days of bringing rolls of film to the local shop to get them developed, and those bulky Polaroid cameras now gather dust in the closet. But Polaroid cameras have recently been coming out of storage.... more
  • How to Organize Those Photos

    Years of family outings, birthday parties, school events and other photograph-worthy moments can amount to innumerable boxes of printed photographs and negatives. It can be overwhelming to think about organizing hundreds or even thousands of photos that you’ve left to “take care of later.”... more
  • How to Protect and Preserve Your Digital Prints

    When you spend a significant amount of time and money on a beautiful digital photograph for your home or office, you want to be able to enjoy it for a while. Unfortunately, a variety of factors can affect your digital prints and distort the way they look over time. But take heart, because... more
  • How to Hang Picture Frames: The Common Mistakes

    Nothing makes a house a home more than hanging artwork on bare walls. It adds personal style and visual interest, and it reflects the homeowner’s personality. For most, it is fairly difficult to hang picture frames properly. If artwork—especially the popular “gallery walls”—isn’t hung... more
  • What Is Digital Photo Restoration?

    Digital photography has helped lots of people become avid photographers, people who may not have developed their interest in photography if they had to work with film. The ease of shooting quality pictures at minimal cost allows many to pursue their curiosity and take more pictures, which leads... more
  • Getting Started With Photography

    Buying a new camera is an exciting investment, whether you’re a total beginner who is starting out with a mid-range digital camera or an avid amateur investing in a new high-end camera or accessory. However long you’ve been shooting, there’s always something new to learn and especially... more
  • San Antonio Art Show with Richard Nitschke

    Frame Destination customer Richard Nitschke recently held a "hit-and-run" art show in San Antonio, Texas. We'd like to congratulate him on the show and his work, some of which are now part of the permanent archives of the National Library of France. His choice of materials includes Frame... more
  • How I sell my photography gear on eBay

    It is critical that you have an established account with some time and 100% positive feedback. If you don't your bids are limited to scammers, and people that are ignorant about how eBay works. For products like used camera gear, the law of supply and demand is as reliable as the law of gravity... more

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