Canvas Frames

Elevate your artwork and photos with our high-quality Canvas Frames, designed to add a touch of sophistication to any room. Available in an array of sizes, styles, and finishes, these frames not only protect your canvas art but also serve as a stunning visual complement.
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French Teal Canvas Floater Picture Frame F797R

$44.12 / Default 8x10 Configuration

Distressed Barnwood Style Canvas Floater Frame F325

$88.03 / Default 8x10 Configuration

Wide Wood Canvas Floater Picture Frame F349

$67.94 / Default 8x10 Configuration

Angled Metallic Finish Wood Canvas Floater Frame F342

$60.67 / Default 8x10 Configuration

Natural Wood Grain Canvas Floating Frame F536

$53.26 / Default 8x10 Configuration

Rounded Edge Canvas Floater Picture Frame F530

$48.20 / Default 8x10 Configuration

Distressed Canvas Floater Frame in Variety of Colors F797

$46.02 / Default 8x10 Configuration

Black Silver Gold or White Canvas Floater Frame F141

$76.50 / Default 8x10 Configuration

Tall Black Silver or White Canvas Floater Frame F131

$65.34 / Default 8x10 Configuration

Contemporary Metal Canvas Float Picture Frame M014

$50.16 / Default 8x10 Configuration

Thin Black Metal Canvas Float Frame M013

$31.46 / Default 8x10 Configuration

Tall Natural Wood Canvas Floater Frame F361

$104.33 / Default 8x10 Configuration

Brown or Satin Black Canvas Floater Frame F357

$85.41 / Default 8x10 Configuration

Wide Espresso or Black Canvas Floater Frame F340

$65.80 / Default 8x10 Configuration

Canvas Floater Frame Optional Metallic Finish F306

$41.65 / Default 8x10 Configuration

Black or White Canvas Floater Frame F120

$46.99 / Default 8x10 Configuration

Frames for Canvas

Frame Destination is your go-to shop for all things related to canvas frames. When it comes to framing your artwork, we know you're looking for professional quality frames that not only enhance but also protect your art pieces. Whether you're an artist looking to display your latest canvas painting or someone who wants to hang cherished photos, we've got a range of styles and materials to suit your needs.

Frames for Stretched Canvas

Are you working with stretched canvas? Our floater frames add an extra dimension of sophistication. Unlike traditional back frames, floater frames create the illusion of your canvas floating within the frame, adding a contemporary touch to your wall art. If you're an artist who dabbles in various mediums like watercolors, drawings, or prints, you'll find many benefits in our collection designed to enhance a range of art styles.

With our hanging hardware included, you won't have to worry about searching for supplies to secure your frames; we even provide a guide on how to nail holes correctly, ensuring that your art stays in place. And speaking of nails, we offer a range of hanging options so you can easily switch out art pieces without damaging your walls.

Shop Metal and Wood Canvas Frames

Whether you prefer a rustic wood frame or a sleek, modern style, we offer custom framing solutions that bring out the best in your artwork. From canvases and paintings to mirrors and photos, our frames are designed to enhance and protect. Don't let your beautiful art go unnoticed; frame it in a way that elevates its presence in any room.

So, close that cart and start framing with Frame Destination today. Our prices are as attractive as our frames, so browse through this page of categories to find the perfect frame for you. Your walls will thank you!