The Best Frame Styles for Grandmillennial Interior Design

Written by Laura W

Move over, Modern Farmhouse design with your minimalism and neutral color schemes. Grandmillennial style is on the scene with a vibe that some might write off as prissy or old-fashioned, but fans welcome the playful nostalgia in an unpredictable world.

What’s Old Is Deja New Again

This is — and isn’t — your grandma’s interior design. Yes, the Grandmillennial aesthetic reintroduces design elements from decades past. Think large-scale wallpaper prints, blue-and-white porcelain, heirloom furniture, chintz curtains, crystal chandeliers, tassel-trimmed stools, rattan coffee tables, and even needlepoint and toile, but with an updated touch. 

What makes the look so fresh? Adding modern twists and discerning the use of these elements so that the end result feels more layered than cluttered. Go ahead and infuse bold personality into your space with retro furniture, but temper it with a cohesive color palette. Tone down loud wallpaper by limiting it to a smaller focal area, such as built-in shelving. Let that blue-and-white chinoiserie be the star of the show by pairing it with furniture donned in a solid color. You get the idea.

(Note: Coastal Grandmother, Grandmillennial’s more refined cousin, also pays homage to vintage design eras, but creates a calmer aesthetic with neutral colors and a less-is-best approach.)

Grandmillennial Living Room

Frames That Fit Grandmillennial Style 

Grandmillennial fans often appreciate repurposing vintage finds, bringing sustainability into the picture. With that in mind, Frame Destination is committed to sourcing all our natural wood moldings from manufacturers that practice sustainable harvesting. So, as your Frame Destination frames are positively impacting the environment, let’s take a look at which frames can positively impact your ambience.

Ornate wood frame

Slim and Stylish: Wood Frame Profile 568

This tall ornate wood picture frame features a slim 5/8-inch-wide face with intricate detailing. It is the ideal picture frame for framing traditional family portraits, custom-sized academic diplomas, and wedding portraits. 

Finishes: Black, Bronze, Silver, Ornate White, Ornate Gold

polished wood frame

Burl You Over: Wood Frame Profile 311

Swirls, rings, and patterns — aka burls — that occur naturally in wood are coveted by woodworkers. Our affordable faux burl finish mimics the real thing, allowing you to introduce a homey, Grandmillennial look in an array of colors.

Finishes: Honey Hi-Gloss, Walnut Hi-Gloss, Blue, Gray, Brown 

boho wood frame

Touch of Ornate: Wood Frame Profile 721

With a slim 13/16“ width that won’t steal the show from your art, this frame works well with smaller still-life paintings, eclectic conceptual portraits, and vintage black-and-white photography your great aunt. 

Finishes: Antique Acid Wash Gold, Antique Silver, Antique White, Antique Espresso

high gloss wood frame

Cozy Texture: Wood Frame Profile 733

This distressed wood frame evokes the wood paneling of Nana’s house, but in the smaller dose of this 1.5”-wide frame. The darker finishes bring a look of history into your home, which you can balance with abstract or other modern art. 

Finishes: Black Coffee, Dark Walnut, Light Pecan

ornate gold picture frame

Fancy Flair: Wood Frame Profile 310 

Perhaps more than the other frames we highlight here, this embellished wood frame has the most granny glam. Intricate details draw your eye, providing an elaborate boundary for stretched canvas paintings or photographs. It could be the statement piece of your Grandmillennial design. 

Finishes: Antique Silver, Antique Gold

Wood Frame 738

Sloped Sensation: Wood Frame Profile 738 

Beautiful brushwork details lend a subtle texture to this wide 1.5”-inch frame, which gently slopes inward to attract all eyes to your painting, pastel board, or matted photo. Five finishes give you options for playing off other Grandmillennial elements in the room. 

Finishes: Gold, Dark Silver, Champagne Silver, Black and Rose Gold.

We hope you agree that any of these five frame collections can complement your Grandmillennial look at home. For a peek at frame pairings for the Cottagecore design trend or frame matchups for Mid-Century Modern, Coastal, Contemporary, and Modern Farmhouse  design styles, we’ve got blog posts for those, too. Of course, if we can help you customize your frame to suit a particular artwork or ambience, connect with us anytime.

Last Updated January 20, 2023