Wedding Picture Frames: A Complete Guide

Written by Laura W

Calling All Newlyweds

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you are either planning your wedding or have recently tied the knot. Maybe you’ve been married for a while and have decided it’s time to frame and display some treasured photos from your Big Day. Whatever the case, welcome — and congratulations!

Today, we’re sharing how to choose which wedding photos to frame, types of gallery walls you can create, and selecting your perfect frame color, style, and size.

Which Photos Are Worth Framing?

You probably met with your photographer before the big day to talk about which specific events were can’t-miss moments. Even so, you’ll likely receive hundreds, if not thousands, of wedding photos. How do you choose the ones you want to frame and display?

Start with the wedding album. One way to funnel down the decision-making is to first select the photos for your wedding album. The album can serve as your starting point. Because albums usually wind up tucked away for safe keeping, it makes sense to frame and display your favorites from within those precious pages. As you and your spouse go through your finished album, pay attention to those gasps of delight or teary-eyed wonder that you and/or your spouse feel. Responding emotionally to a photo is a sure indicator that it’s worthy of sharing on the walls of your space. You can tell the story through favorite moments, chronologically as events unfolded, through portraits of special family and friends, or any combination thereof.

Color or black and white? It’s really your preference, but think about the ambience of the day. If your wedding featured lots of vivid colors, you may want to flaunt that in the photo selection. If the soiree was more classic or minimalistic, black-and-white photos may capture the spirit best. It’s fine to blend both color and black-and-white pictures if your space is more relaxed than structured.

Fun idea involving mats: We’ve been to weddings where the couple places a pre-cut mat board on the guest book table where everyone can write little notes. The intention is to frame one special wedding photo using that mat. Keep in mind that your mat preferably should be conservational to prevent any photo damage over time. We recommend our RagMat or AlphaRag mats. A good rule of thumb is that the borders are at least 4 inches on all sides, so there’s space to write.

Gallery Wall Considerations

If you’re thinking about gallery walls, the layout you choose depends on how much wall space you wish to devote to your wedding photography. One option is to choose two or three photos and enlarge them dramatically …

You could also display multiple photos that reveal more details of your day. In this case, you can achieve cohesion by using the same size and color frames in a symmetrical layout.

If hanging pictures in simple rows seems boring and just isn't your style, you may prefer an asymmetrical — yet balanced — design. The possibilities really are endless!

In order to make the best use of your wall space and to display your pictures to their best advantage, you need to plan out your display ahead of time. A unified photo wall display will make the best use of your wall space to display pictures, turning an entire room into a work of art. In order to create such a display, you need to do some planning and preparation ahead of time. Our tips here can help with that.

Selecting Wedding Frame Styles

Once you’ve determined which photos to display, and have a good idea of the configuration, you’re ready to choose your frames. Consider these key elements: (1) your decor (2) your budget (3) preservation (4) frame size and (5) frame color/style. Let’s touch on each topic.


Your framed wedding photos should naturally fit into whichever room you’ve selected. If you’ve selected a stairway or hallway to display your photos, there’s no furniture to worry about complementing. If you’re showcasing your pictures in a living room with modern farmhouse vibes, and you’d like to add a soft glimmer to your wedding display, you might choose a wood frame with a pale rose gold gloss that’s slightly distressed. On the other hand, if the room is a formal dining room with your grandmother’s silver on display, a la Grandmillennial decor style, you could complement the look with an antique silver ornate frame. (See the top interior design trends for some ideas if you and your spouse are decorating a new home together.)


One piece of advice we’ve heard regarding budgets is this: If it’s something you use (or see) every day, spend a little more. Remember that your framed wedding photos are an investment in your memories, as well as your home’s overall aesthetic. That’s not to say you can’t be frugal. Simply choose the best frames, with a price tag you’re comfortable with. We’ll leave it at that!


A quality frame and glazing can help protect your wedding photos from UV damage, which can cause fading and yellowing. (Tip: Avoid displaying your wedding photos in direct sunlight.) For the ultimate in UV protection and anti-reflective properties, ArtGlass UV Anti-Reflective Water White Glass is top of the line; or you can spend less while still getting UV protection with UV-Filter ArtGlass 99. We have a variety of high-quality glazing options to choose from.


If you are varying the sizes of the photos on a gallery wall, your frame sizes can vary as well. Want to focus in on one or two of your favorite wedding moments? By all means, those photos can be bigger than the others. When you enlarge a photo to a greater size than the rest, you should consider a wider frame moulding. Examples of wider frames are our Wood Frame Profile 311, a traditional burled frame with a modern twist, and Wood Frame Profile 310, an intricately designed ornate frame.


We saved the best for last! Color and style are two areas where variety comes into play. For example, you can draw attention to a specific color in a photo by choosing a frame with the same hue. You can also achieve this with neutrals like white or cream. Trying to find an exact match to your bridesmaids’ periwinkle dresses could prove frustrating, and it might deter eyes from the photos, rather than allowing them to shine. A color or metallic mat board can also do the trick more subtly. That said, there are many wood frames — and some metal frames — that come in a spectrum of “neutral” metallics, like:

Wood Frame Profile 300 ~ A rustic wood frame featuring small, raised beads along the inside of the frame that draw the eye in. Available in Antique Gold, Tarnish Copper, and more.
Wood Frame Profile 721 ~ An antique-style frame with muted finishes blends clean, contemporary lines with small, ornate detailing. Finishes come in Antique Silver, Antique Acid Wash Gold, Antique Espresso, and Antique White.
Metal Profile 117 ~ A sleek aluminum frame could be the perfect frame if you’re going for a timeless look. Available in German Silver, Matte Black, Frosted Gold, Frosted Walnut, and more.

Don’t forget — we have a proprietary Custom Framing feature that can help guide you along every step of the framing process. We also have tons of ready-made quality frames. Remember, you’re not alone: Our Customer Service department is available via phone (972-479-1188), email (, and live chat on our website during business hours.

Happily Ever After

We send our best wishes for not only your happy marriage, but a beautifully displayed visual memoir of your wedding day.

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Last updated April 24, 2023