• 5 (More) Uses for the GalleryPouch Bubble Bag

    The GalleryPouch bubble bag was designed and created with art in mind: it has the perfect size, shape and durability to protect picture frames, canvas gallery wraps and rolled prints. An optional Velcro® closure ensures that everything stays inside, so your artwork stays safe no matter where it... more
  • How to Pack and Ship Framed Artwork

    We’ve already discussed how to pack canvas prints and other art pieces for shipping, but when it comes to packing framed pieces, it’s a totally different ballgame. The best ways to pack and ship framed pieces to ensure they arrive safely include using cling film, using edge guards and corner... more
  • How Do I Pack My Canvas Prints for a Client or Gallery Showing?

    Congratulations! You’ve sold that beautiful canvas you worked so hard on for so long and put so much of yourself into. Of course, because it is so important to you, you want to make sure that when you ship your canvas piece—whether to a customer or to a gallery—that it is professionally and... more
  • How Do I Protect My Artwork from Being Damaged During Shipping?

    Artists and art collectors alike share a common (and justified) fear: the potential for damage to your art during shipping. Artwork is delicate, but most movers and shipping companies are not. For an art collector, there’s nothing more devastating than when you’ve finally found that perfect... more
  • A Simply Elegant Solution for Packing Pictures – The GalleryPouch

    By Tom Hubbard for the Portland Metro Photographic News (11/09/2009) For exhibiting photographers, one of the most time consuming, costly and frustrating experiences is packing valuable pictures for shipping. I consider this on-going and thankless event a total waste of my time. Yet, it can’t... more
  • Frame Destination’s GalleryPouch™ Bubble Bags - Protection You Can Count On

    Hi, I’m Joely Rogers, Vice President of Frame Destination. I am also a long-time visual artist and recently started showing my artwork in galleries. Today I’d like to talk about my experience using our GalleryPouch™ Gold Premium Bubble Bags to transport some of my artwork to a gallery in... more
  • Packing Art and Photos to Keep Them Safe While Moving

    When we’re packing up to move there are a few things that get special wrapping and packing attention: electronics, dishes, mirrors, and glass. Your framed and unframed artwork and photos should be right up there with other valuables. Whether you’re packing a one-of-a-kind art piece or... more
  • Special New Bubble Bag Makes Framed Art Transport Easy

    Frame Destination Inc. has partnered with Andrew Darlow of The Imaging Buffet to bring to market our new GalleryPouch™ Gold art bubble bags to solve the problem of safely transporting framed art and canvas gallery wraps to and from art galleries and art shows. Our best version of... more
  • Shipping Picture Frames

    No matter how well you pack everything, and even if you crate it, it might get damaged or completely lost. Make sure it is properly insured and try to leave adequate time to ship replacements if necessary. Express shipments such as 3-Day Express or 2nd day air are handled less and treated a... more

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