• Bottom-Weighting and the Golden Mean

    When framing artwork with mat board, one of the questions that arises is how much space, exactly, should be left on all sides of the artwork. Different framers, artists and art lovers have different opinions: some like single mat boards with four equal borders, while others love the look of... more
  • Float Mounting vs. Floater Frames: What's the Difference?

    When it comes to framing artwork, there is a lot of lingo to learn: rabbet, hinging, moulding and points, to name a few. Two terms that are often confused — and often incorrectly used interchangeably, when in fact they are very different things — are float mounting and floater frames. The... more
  • 5 Holiday Gifts for Photographers and Artists

    If you’re an artist, you know what you like to use in your craft: the paintbrushes, canvases, paint and other art supplies that make your art yours. Around the holidays, you may get the same art supplies year after year, none of which may be suited to your work. While it’s thoughtful,... more
  • Using Gallery Lighting to Illuminate Your Framed Artwork

    A home is not a museum — there aren’t any guards to protect the valuables, and the house wasn’t built only as a way to display artwork. But even though you may not have all the bells and whistles of a museum, you can still light up your artwork professionally with a few gallery lighting... more
  • Buying, Storing and Framing Charcoal or Pastel Artwork

    Even though it is one of the most delicate art media, charcoal is featured in some of the oldest artwork in the world. It was used in the famous Chauvet cave paintings in France, for example, and many artists still use the medium to sketch thanks to its softness and ability to be easily erased.... more
  • Frame Destination Unveils Advanced Ordering Features

    Ordering a picture frame is easy with Frame Destination, even if you have lots of personal specifications, unique sizes and requirements. It takes just eight steps to order a custom picture frame—and even though that’s still a lot less effort than most (online) frame shops, we are always... more
  • Book Review: Art Inc.

    Art Inc. by Lisa Congdon Lisa Congdon wants your dream of becoming a working artist to come true. And her book, Art Inc., is all about how to make to that dream a reality. This cute little book contains seven jam-packed chapters focused on the business aspects of being an artist. She starts by... more
  • Inspirational Art Quotes

    I confess…I am an absolute quote junkie. Quotes have been a source of enlightenment, comfort, and inspiration for me since I learned to read, and I have amassed a large, diverse collection of them over the years. One of the cool things about having a picture frame business is that I get to share... more
  • Acid: Art's Natural Enemy

    In even the most beautifully framed art, there may be an unseen threat ready to destroy. Naturally occurring acid in paper and framing materials can cause yellowing, deterioration and ruin not only the frame and mat, but the art as well. Although it may look polished in the beginning, artwork... more
  • How to Make Your Art a Business: Tips on Marketing and Selling Art

    Looking for tips on how to turn your art into a business? “How to Start Making Your Art Your Business: 100 DIY Tips” could be your guide. With each of this book’s chapters listing simple ten one-paragraph tips, it’s a quick and easy read. The author is Tamara Holland, an attorney turned... more

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