5 (More) Uses for the GalleryPouch™ Bubble Bag

Written by Mark Rogers

The GalleryPouch™ bubble bag was designed and created with art in mind: it has the perfect size, shape and durability to protect picture frames, canvas gallery wraps and rolled prints. An optional Velcro® closure ensures that everything stays inside, so your artwork stays safe no matter where it goes.

The GalleryPouch™ bubble bag has proven to have many other great uses, from the practical to the artsy, so pick up a few extra bubble bags and get started on some unique, creative crafts or ingenious solutions to everyday problems.

Get your art supplies and tools travel-ready.

GalleryPouch™ bubble bags with Velcro® are a great way to safely transport your art supplies while traveling. Lay out your supplies after placing them in one or more paintbrush/paint holders, caddies, storage bins, etc., and measure the overall length, width, and depth of the items. Using the bubble bags with Velcro® ensures that even your tiniest paint brushes or drawing and photo tools will stay safe and secure within the bag.

Protect tablets, laptops and more on the go.

Tablets, laptops, smartphones, and monitors are now everyday items that are commonly used — and commonly broken, the most frequent damage being a cracked screen. Even when using a tablet case or laptop skin, which can be expensive, tablets and laptops may not survive being tossed in a briefcase, backpack or purse. Add small bits of dust or dirt can easily find their way into exposed ports. Add extra protection with a GalleryPouch™ bubble bag, which will prevent keys, pens and other items from scratching and cracking them on the go. This applies to phones and sunglasses, too!

Pack breakables when moving.

When moving to a new home or office, packing breakable items such as plates, glasses and delicate items can be the most time-consuming task of them all. Instead of cutting large sheets of bubble wrap to size or using paper, use GalleryPouch™ bubble bags. Plates can slide right inside, and you can even order bags made to fit particularly large platters or oddly-shaped vases. Unlike most sheets of bubble wrap that have been cut and crumbled paper, you can reuse the bubble bags later.

Store delicate and beloved holiday décor.

Art or decorations that you only bring out of storage for special occasions such as Christmas, Hanukkah and Thanksgiving are often cherished items, many of which are fragile. Store ornaments, centerpieces and handmade decorations in sturdy bubble bags to ensure that you can keep them around for years to come.

Get creative with bubble wrap.

Once your bubble bag has served its purpose, there are dozens of crafty ways to use the last of it. With the kids, cut out shapes such as circles and stars from the bubble wrap to use as stamps, or just drop blocks in the bag and tie shut. But you don’t even need to cut the bubble wrap — just use it as a stamp to make your own interesting shapes and textures.

You can also paint on the bubble bag itself to create unique decorations with the kids. This Thanksgiving, cut out a corncob-shaped piece of bubble bag and paint or color the bubbles yellow (or a collection of brown, orange and white). After it dries, staple or tie a “husk” to one end, and you have instant Thanksgiving-themed décor: a bubble-bag corncob.

There are more uses to the GalleryPouch™ bubble bag than just professionally storing artwork. Use a bubble bag during travel, to store your valuables, or do crafts with the kids — and get the most out of this innovative, durable material.

Last Updated July  27, 2021

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