Frame Destination’s GalleryPouch™ Bubble Bags - Protection You Can Count On

Written by Joely Rogers

Hi, I’m Joely Rogers, Vice President of Frame Destination. I am also a long-time visual artist, and I’d like to share my experience using  GalleryPouch™ Bubble Bags to transport some of my artwork to a gallery in downtown Dallas.

The GalleryPouch™ was invented by photographer, author and consultant Andrew Darlow and co-developed with Frame Destination, the exclusive producer and retailer of GalleryPouch™ products. Made of heavyweight 3/16 inch polyethylene bubble, this protective bag is the ideal way to protect nearly any type of artwork for transport, shipping, and/or storage. The transport factor is what I wanted to test for my recent art show.

Now you may be saying to yourself, “I’m a careful person. Can’t I just wrap a sheet, piece of plastic or bubble wrap around my art to transport it?” Maybe, however, these items are not necessarily designed to handle certain situations. For example, check out how many different “opportunities” to damage my artwork occurred during the 40 minutes it took me to drive from the office to the gallery.

    1. Carrying it from the office to my car in 20 mph wind gusts.
    2. Sliding around in my trunk on the drive down.
    3. Carrying it through a busy parking garage and navigating 3 narrow doors.
    4. Getting on a crowded elevator.
    5. People pressing against it in the elevator.
    6. Someone knocking it out of my hand as I’m getting off the elevator.
    7. Getting bumped during art intake at the gallery.

Basically, I took my art through a moving obstacle course! Thanks to the GalleryPouch™ Bubble Bag though, all of my framed paintings and photographs arrived without a scratch on the frames or glazing. These bags are reusable and made exclusively at Frame Destination’s facility. Check out the GalleryPouch™ blog for more information or contact us with questions.


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