How to Remove and Replace the Spring Clips in your Metal Picture Frame Package

Written by Joely Rogers

Spring tension clips, or simply “spring clips”, are used to keep the picture frame’s components, mount board, artwork, mat board, and glazing, secured tightly within the frame.


When you purchase a metal picture frame from Frame Destination that includes components such as mat board, mount board, glass or acrylic, the frame will arrive with the spring clips already installed. You must remove the clips before installing your artwork and then replace them afterward.






Get an inexpensive pair of needle nose pliers. Flip the frame over. The spring clips are inside the space between the frame and the components.

pic name Grasp a spring clip with
the pliers.
pic name Gently pull it free;
be careful not to scratch
the component underneath.
pic name Continue until all spring
clips have been removed.


pic name
Place a spring clip on its
side with the top edge
against the frame.
pic name
Open the clip by pressing
the ends back toward the
pic name

Slide the clip underneath the
frame and rotate it so the top
edge presses against the

pic name
Secure clip firmly beneath
the frame.

*The number of spring clips included in the frame package varies by frame size and components; however, we typically install extra. Please contact us if you require more than what was included.*

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2 thoughts on “How to Remove and Replace the Spring Clips in your Metal Picture Frame Package”

  • Michael Robinson
    Michael Robinson October 3, 2017 at 9:56 am

    I appreciate the great ideas on how to remove and replace the clips from a frame! My mother gave me this super old frame right before she passed away that contained one of her favorite paintings. Just recently those clips have rusted over and need to be replaced. To be honest, I think that an aluminum framed glass would look excellent with the modern art piece that she has inside. Thanks for the help!

  • Carl Frank Farley
    Carl Frank Farley November 17, 2019 at 5:31 am

    They came when the to-be-assembled frame I just bought and all I could think was "I've never seen these installed." Now I know why, after installation they're invisible. Thanks.

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