Protective Plastic Slips for Art Prints

Written by Mark Rogers

Clear Bags is a descriptive term used to describe the clear poly bags that are designed for storing photos and paintings when they're not hanging up on your wall – but it's also a trademark. Clear BagsTM are some of the finest print protectors we've found for archival storage of artifacts.

Here's the thing to remember: unless your photos are properly archived in acid-free plastic bags, chances are good that they will become discolored within a very short amount of time. Storage bags by Clear BagsTM  will insure that  that your paintings and photos are protected – and they will allow you to examine them at any time without removing them.

The two deadliest enemies of your fine art photography are moisture and acidity. Water is particularly insidious; even the tiniest bit of dampness can sneak into cheap storage bags, come into contact with the surface of the photos and interact with the photographic chemicals, wreaking nine kinds of havoc on the surface of the picture, causing staining, discoloring and worse. Have you ever seen old photos that look as if they've been stained yellow or bleached? That's what happens when photos are improperly archived.

Here's a bit of irony: while light is what makes photography possible, it's also the thing that can destroy them. Clear poly bags are not enough; you need a proper storage box as well in order to protect your prints from the sun's ultra-violet rays.

A little more about these fine print protectors from Clear BagsTM: the bags themselves are make of a state-of-the-art form of plastic known as  biaxially oriented polypropylene, or BOPP for short. The plastic material is extruded and stretched in two directions during the manufacturing process, which increases both tensile strength and clarity – in fact, it's so clear, it's almost invisible.

Archival bags are available in dozens of sizes,  and can be used not only for photos and paintings, but virtually any other type of important documents you wish to preserve and archive.

Whenever you have art images or other documents, a small investment in high-quality print protectors such as Clear BagsTM will go a long ways toward making certain that your valuable images are protected from sunlight, moisture, dampness and environmental toxins that can lead to their destruction. Just keep in mind that quality costs extra. Always purchase the best archival materials you can afford in order to give your art and documents the best protection possible.

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