Mount Board

  • What’s the Difference Between Mat Board, Mount Board and Foam Core?

    Most people are familiar with the basic components of a framing package, including the frame itself and the glazing. But there’s more to it than that: namely the mat board and mount board, sometimes referred to as foam core. While they both have the appearance of sheets of paper, they serve... more
  • Choosing Your Mounting Technique

    When mounting photos to mounting board or mat board, there are several different routes you can take. Check out these different mounting techniques to see which sticks with you the most—whether you’re looking for the most convenient method or looking to preserve the photo or document. Hinging... more
  • A Resource for Framing and Mounting Techniques

    Now that you’ve seen your hard work and creativity come to fruition, you need to display it so it can be enjoyed by all. But assuming that all framing and mounting techniques are created equal would be a mistake. Methods that are appropriate to your specific piece are critical to the integrity... more
  • What is Archival Mounting Board?

    Mount board gives custom framed photos stability and is an essential part of picture framing. Mount boards, often also referred to as foamcore, come in a variety of thicknesses, your choice of black or white, and support different mounting techniques (such as self-adhesive mount boards versus... more
  • Inexpensive Temporary Photo Mounting

    Mounting a photo or art to a firm backing or mount board helps stabilize the print and gives it extra protection from tears, creases, and other damage. While typically you’d mount a photo before framing, mounting a photo, document, print, or paper-based original artwork that you plan to... more
  • Which Type of Foam Mounting Board Should I Use?

    Foamcore is one of the most popular mounting and frame backing board materials for photos and other items. The name “foamcore” refers to the inner portion of the mount board, which gives it its rigidity —and makes it perfect for mounting photos. There are many different types of mounting... more
  • 3 Professional Photo Mounting Products You Need

    You may spend hours taking the perfect photo or creating a masterpiece to display in your home, but there is often far less thought put into mounting that artwork — which can end up being a big mistake. Your memories and painstakingly created artwork need the right mounting materials to both... more
  • How to mount photographs

    I love photography and since I own a picture frame company that caters to photographers I get questions just about every day about how to mount photographs. I have created a picture frame info webpage that provides an overview of just about all of the various picture frame mounting techniques and... more

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