• How to Choose Between a Wood and Metal Frame

    Wood may have reigned as the chosen picture frame for thousands of years, but the modern picture framing customer has a much larger selection from which to choose. Most often, however, customers narrow it down to just two: wood or the more modern metal. While the decision eventually comes down to... more
  • Celebrating 5 Years in Business

    Frame Destination is happy to announce that April 2009 is our 5 year anniversary. 5 years ago I was an electrical engineer starting to go pro with my photography. I started doing some work for hire and purchased an Epson 2200 printer. I was thrilled to be able to do my own archival printing and... more
  • Photographers – the best customers!

    Owning a picture frame company that caters to photographers has a really nice side benefit that I did not foresee. I knew beforehand that I would have the pleasure of meeting great photographers all over the country via email and the phone. What I did not expect was how consistently pleasurable all... more

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