Traditional Burled Wood Picture Frames 311

Artwork Size:
" x
Mat Window Opening:
4 34
" x
6 34
Frame Inside:
" x
Frame Outside:
10 12
" x
12 12
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Sku: MD-WOOD-0311
Traditional burled frame with a modern twist
This frame features a natural burl wood finish available in multiple color options adding a modern edge to a classic look. Natural burls occur when a tree undergoes some type of stress. The resulting wood contains a unique collection of swirls, rings, and patterns and is highly sought after by woodworkers, furniture makers, and artists alike. Our affordable faux burl finish mimics natural burl, so you get the look of burl, without the high cost. Our burl wood frames come in high gloss honey and walnut finishes, and Blue, Off-White, Gray, and Brown, which feature a satin finish.
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Crescent Select 4Ply has the most color choices.
Crescent RagMat Museum options are the most archival.
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Glass / Acrylic
Frame glazing is critical to preserving and protecting framed artwork, photos, and prints. Frame Destination carries a variety of high-quality acrylic and glass frame glazing options.
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34" Wood Frame Hanging Kit
Complete wire hanging kit specifically designed to securely hang side-loading metal frames. Multiple lengths available to accommodate just about any sized side-loading metal picture frame.
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FRAME Profile 311 Honey (hi-gloss)
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GLASS OR ACRYLIC Clear Glass for Picture Frames
BACKING Regular Foam Mounting Board 3/16
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