Fun Ways to Use Frames for Your Wedding

Written by Mark Rogers

It’s still summer, and wedding season is in full swing! Many couples are embracing DIY approaches to different aspects of their weddings to save on costs and create a day that is completely and uniquely theirs. Decorating is one area where couples – along with the help of family and friends – often take on more projects, and it’s one of the areas where you can really be creative and make your wedding stand out from the rest.

The choice of materials you use plays an important role in creating the look and feel of your ceremony and reception. Picture frames are wonderful, versatile pieces that you can use in many different ways to set your wedding apart.

Whether they are empty frames, frames with pictures or prints, or frames with other items inside, they offer endless ways to play a big role in your big day. We can’t talk about all the possibilities, so here are five ways you can use picture frames as part of your special day!

Use Frames as Props for Wedding Photos

Larger size frames can become a lovely prop for wedding photos. The bride and groom can hold the frame up in so many different ways: Maybe they hold it up and “frame” themselves smooching or maybe both the bride and groom each holds up an empty frame around their face.

Other members of the wedding party can also be part of photos using a frame, providing a theme that runs through the entire set of wedding photographs. Choose a large frame for this because it needs to be big enough to hold in front of a person and “frame” them with roughly the same dimensions as for a portrait photo.

A frame with a wide or substantial profile works best because a thin frame may not show up well in photos. For this reason, wood picture frames may be the best choice. Choose bright colors that go with the wedding colors, ornate patterns, rich, metallic tones, or natural wood with raw, rustic finishes. Using multiple frames can give you more photo options as well.

Let the Guests Have Some Fun with Frames Too

You can also provide frames to your guests to use as photo props during the reception. Either include them with a photo booth setup or place an empty picture frame at each table with instructions and example photos of what it’s for.

Your guests can easily use the frames to take “selfies” or to take pictures of each other – or even to frame pictures across the room. Smaller frames are suitable here, and you can use either wood picture frames or metal picture frames.

Most wedding guests will use their own smartphones or cameras to take pictures, so make sure you ask them to share their photos with you later. You can even create a hashtag for your wedding, for example, #markandamywedding. Ask your friends to use the hashtag when they upload pictures to Facebook or Twitter and then you’ll be able to search for your friends’ photos using your own hashtag.

Use Framed Photos to Decorate the Church or Reception Hall

There’s no better way to make a wedding more personal than to use photos of the bride and groom to decorate. You can use formal shots or create a photo story of your relationship from casual photos taken together over the course of your relationship.

Create a display that guests can view in the reception hall or hang framed photos with ribbon at the end of church pews or each row of seating.

To create a large wall display using photos, substitute frames for less expensive mat board, cut the board to frame each photo and then attach to the wall. Since, mat board is available in many colors, so you can choose ones that match your wedding colors to create a large display of formal or informal pictures.

Fill Frames With Flowers

Picture frames can be used to create unique flower displays, if you want something different than traditional bouquets or if you want additional flowers in a relatively small amount of space. Fill up a frame with flowers or flower petals, either real or artificial, and hang it on the wall or display it on a stand.

If you are crafty, you can create other types of collages inside of picture frames to use as decoration. Pick f items that fit your wedding theme such as seashells, rustic objects, and vintage papers – the options are limitless.

Use Frames For Seating Arrangements

At the reception, use blank picture frames to surround the seating cards that instruct your guests where they are supposed to sit. You can design and print out seating charts or alphabetic lists of names with corresponding tables, and then use picture frames to create a display with the charts or lists at the entrance to the reception hall.

Frames can also be laid on tabletops to be part of centerpieces, with vases or other items sitting inside.

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