Introducing Artglass: Professional Art and Collections Deserve a Professional Look

Written by Mark Rogers

With all the time and effort you put into your creations and collections, don’t you want to display them in the best possible way? Frame Destination now proudly carries Artglass, the same glass used in museum and in the art-display industry worldwide. This glass can be used for many types of mediums, including graphics, watercolors, photographs, archival documents, collectables and other valuables. Artglass will make any item look as though a professional framed it – and will provide the same level of protection.

What Is Artglass?

Artglass is manufactured by GroGlass, a European company that makes coatings not only for art framing but also high-quality electronic displays. Artglass is so high-tech that it was actually originally developed for aerospace applications, but it is also environmentally friendly. There are four different types of Artglass, including:/

  • Artglass 99 - UV-Filter
  • Artglass AR 70 - Anti-Reflective
  • Artglass AR 92 - Anti-Reflective 92% UV-filter
  • Artglass AR 99 - Anti-Reflective 99% UV-filter

Each Artglass product provides different levels of reflection and UV protection – depending on what you’re displaying – and most Artglass types appear virtually invisible. They are touted for being reflection-free, having a variety of UV protection levels, being suitable for outdoor applications, and offering true transparency of color.

Which Types of Artglass Does Frame Destination Offer?

Frame Destination now carries:

  • UV-Filter Artglass 99
  • Artglass 70 Anti-Reflective Water White
  • Artglass 99 UV Anti-Reflective Water White

Artglass 99 UV Filter

Artglass 99 with a 99% UV-filter is ideal for preserving keepsakes and artifacts. Want to safeguard the sheet of paper signed by Abraham Lincoln that you found inside the dresser you bought from the thrift store for $5? (Don’t we wish!) Artglass 99 blocks more than 99 percent of harmful indoor and outdoor UV rays, which can cause old documents to quickly fade and discolor./

Artglass 70 Anti-Reflective Water White

Whether it’s your super-expensive wedding and engagement photos, or you want to display your own photography, Artglass Anti-Reflective Water White is perfect for picture framing. The glass has no green tint or optical distortions, and it has an anti-reflective coating. It also blocks 70% of harmful UV radiation.

Artglass 92 UV Anti-Reflective Water White

Just as the name indicates, Artglass UV Anti-Reflective Water White has all of the qualities as Artglass Anti-Reflective Water White with the perk of enhanced protection from ultraviolet rays. This type of Artglass provides 92 percent UV protection.

Why Should I Use Artglass?

When displaying your art, it’s important for the viewer to see it exactly as it is, with no color distortion or reflection. If someone wanted to see a reflection of themself, they could just look in a mirror. The specially designed coatings reflect a very low percentage of light, which eliminates reflection. The 2mmthick glass will show every minute detail in your art or framed piece, while still offering protection from harmful ultraviolet rays that can cause discoloration, peeling, and other wear and tear.

Sold! Now That I’ve Bought It, How Do I Clean It?

Nothing is worse than a fingerprint on your frame’s glass. It makes you want to put up a “Do Not Touch” sign like in an art gallery (or hire those people in the navy jackets to make sure no one touches anything). It doesn’t matter if the viewer has busy fingers because Artglass is easy to clean, and you don’t need special cleaning agents. A microfiber wipe or soft cotton cloth lightly sprayed with an ammonia-free household glass cleaner should do the trick. According to the GroGlass website, all you have to do is moisten the cleaning wipe and clean the glass from the top down so the cleaning agent doesn’t dry on the glass.

Artglass allows you to take ownership of your creative endeavors from start to finish. This scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean coating is perfect for DIY framing projects, while still giving your art a professional look. Artglass also does away with the guessing game about which side of the glass to cut, or which side to place on to the medium to avoid having your fingertips muck up the crystal clear glass. The viewer will see your art, photo, or treasured piece exactly as you intended, with nothing blocking the view of your masterpiece.

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4 thoughts on “Introducing Artglass: Professional Art and Collections Deserve a Professional Look”

  • Mark W. Snitily
    Mark W. Snitily February 9, 2015 at 2:35 am

    Do you also provide "Artlight Protect" which appears to have all of AR, WW, UV (actually better UV protection) features along with being shatter proof.

    Looking for a 10" x 12" piece.

    -- Mark

  • Mark W. Snitily
    Mark W. Snitily February 9, 2015 at 2:39 am

    I meant to write the GroGlass "Artglass Protect" product.


    Do you also provide “Artlight Protect” which appears to have all of AR, WW, UV (actually better UV protection) features along with being shatter proof.

    Looking for a 10″ x 12″ piece.

    — Mark

    Mark W. Snitily
    Glen Ellen, California
    [email protected]
    (408) 532-0400

  • Mark Rogers

    Mark, I am sorry but we do not carry the "Artlight Protect".

  • Mark Rogers

    Mark, sorry we do not carry the protect version. That is a very high end expensive product. If you cant find any you might consider trying Tru-Vue Optium Acrylic. We dont carry that either but it might be more readily available and or lower cost.

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