• How Large Should a Frame Mat Be?

    Choosing the right frame mat is just as important to the complete framed look as choosing the frame itself. Choosing the material of your mat is important to art preservation, but things like mat color, how many mats, and how large the mat is have a major impact on the aesthetic of your framed... more
  • 5 Tips for a Successful Gallery Show

    Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, most artists dream of seeing their work hung in a gallery and being the star of the show’s opening night. While art is all around us, landing a gallery show can be mystifying. Who do you talk to? What should you expect? How do gallery owners decide... more
  • DIY Picture Framing for Beginners

    Emily Jones is a young Texas-based artist specializing in whimsical watercolor images. She’s also a newbie to DIY picture framing and was kind enough to write a blog post for us detailing her experiences with our website and products. Check out more of her artwork at Emily Erin... more
  • How to Display Art without a Frame

    We’ve all experienced taping posters, photos, and other artwork to our walls without bothering with a picture frame. As adults, this approach doesn’t always go with the polished décor in the rest of the home. If you like the low-profile look of art and photos without a frame, you can still... more
  • Framing Large Canvases in a Wood Floater Frame

    Floater frames are one of our top-selling items for artists looking for a way to give their stretched canvases a more professional look. These frames are named for the illusion they create: once set in the frame, the artwork “floats” within it, providing a striking, streamlined, and... more
  • Book Review: Art Inc.

    Art Inc. by Lisa Congdon Lisa Congdon wants your dream of becoming a working artist to come true. And her book, Art Inc., is all about how to make to that dream a reality. This cute little book contains seven jam-packed chapters focused on the business aspects of being an artist. She starts by... more
  • What Kind of Picture Frame Prevents Yellowing

    We frame and display the photos, art, documents, and keepsakes that we love, but over time those mementos can yellow and discolor with age. Luckily, by using the right framing and storage supplies, you can help prevent yellowing and deterioration. What Causes Yellowing One of the main reasons... more
  • How to Get a Large Picture Frame with a Small Opening

    Playing with frame size and style is a great way to change the look, feel, and visual impact of your art. A popular trend in gallery framing and home art display is to use extra-large frames for smaller photos and art work. This creates a dramatic visual and draws the eye to your art display,... more
  • The 7 Most Popular Mat Board Styles Defined

    ol li {font-weight: bold; font-size: 16px;} The style, color and cut of a mat board can dramatically change the look of your framed artwork and photos. While most ready-made frames have a typical, generic mat, understanding your mat board options can help you achieve the final look you’re... more
  • The Best Way to Preserve Old Documents, Plants, and Keepsakes

    Picture frames, mat boards, and glazing help protect artwork and keepsakes from deterioration, but how do you protect unframed materials? Especially those with organic materials like dried roses from a wedding bouquet, or something more extensive, like a collection of plants. My grandfather was a... more

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