Crescent Conservation Matboard 8Ply - Full Sheet

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32x40 Full Sheet Crescent Select Conservation Mat Board - Affordable Elegance

Optimize your framing artistry with our full sheet Crescent Select Conservation Mat Board. Sheet size is 32x40 inches. This budget-friendly option, crafted from acid-free and lignin-free alpha-cellulose, offers dependable protection for your artwork. Its double-thick, solid color design competes with higher-end products like 8-ply RagMat or AlphaRag, providing a rich visual appeal at a more accessible price point. Our full-size mat boards are ideal for artists and framers seeking both economic efficiency and aesthetic charm in their artwork presentations.

Also available cut-to-size with or without opening.

25702 - White 25703 - Antique White 25706 - Tan 25712 - Cloud Gray 25711 - Deep Black 25700 - Vivid White
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