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Crescent Select 4Ply BriteCores - Full Sheet

Featuring deeply pigmented bright color cores with two usable surfaces—white or black on one side plus a core-matching color—these matboards are perfect for framing vivid cartoon art, animation cells, children’s drawings or paintings, and sports memorabilia.
Add a dramatic touch and make your artwork really pop.
BR44987-CT - Yellow w/Yellow Core BR54921 - Black w/Orange Core BR14987-CT - Blue w/Blue Core BR74987 - White w/Pink Core BR24921 - Black w/Green Core BR54987 - White w/Orange Core BR34921 - Black w/Red Core BR74987-CT - Pink w/Pink Core BR24987 - White w/Green Core BR84921 - Black w/Aqua Core BR54987-CT - Orange w/Orange Core BR34987 - White w/Red Core BR64921 - Black w/Purple Core BR24987-CT - Green w/Green Core BR84987 - White w/Aqua Core BR44921 - Black w/Yellow Core BR34987-CT - Red w/Red Core BR64987 - White w/Purple Core BR14921 - Black w/Blue Core BR84987-CT - Aqua w/Aqua Core BR44987 - White w/Yellow Core BR64987-CT - Purple w/Purple Core BR14987 - White w/Blue Core BR74921 - Black w/Pink Core
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