How to Select the Right Picture Frame

Written by Mark Rogers

A picture frame has many purposes: not only is it designed to protect and enhance your photos or artwork, it should complement the rest of your home décor and, as an added bonus, be easy to hang on the wall. As you are selecting the right picture frame, keep a few tips in mind: consider the best color and material, determine if you want a mat board, or decide on a custom frame.

Choose the Right Material for Your Picture Frame

Frame Destination offers a variety of picture frames in metal and wood. When choosing between a wood and metal frame, you must consider a number of factors: the artwork, the room and your budget. Classic paintings look best in wood frames, while metal frames complement modern work. However, if a room’s overall theme is more rustic, a metal frame might feel out of place. Wood frames may cost slightly more than metal frames due to their material, especially if the frame features ornately carved detailshow to chose the right picture frame.

Choose the Right Picture Frame Color

Wood frames are generally available in natural shades, but can be painted or laminated white, black or with gold or silver accents. Metal frames are commonly available in black, white and shades of silver or gray; the new Nielsen Profile 117V has since introduced bright red, blue, purple, green and turquoise to metal frames.

The color of the picture frame depends again on the artwork and the room. Contrasting a light picture with a dark frame can create a nice visual effect, such as a black and white photo inside a black metal frame. However, dark frames may draw attention away from works featuring light colors, such as watercolors. To ensure you choose the right color, you can order sample mouldings of all Frame Destination frames, including straight sides and corners.

Choose Whether You Want a Mat Board

You may choose to include a mat board in your picture frame to further enhance the look. Using a mat board can also help keep your picture in place or hide rough edges that you may not want to display. A mat board will add to the overall size of the frame, as it provides an extra border around the artwork. Like picture frames, mat boards come in a variety of colors; depending on the type, you may have dozens of colors from which to choose, ranging from the standard white and cream to bright red and black. Frame Destination also offers mat board color sample sets to help guide your decision.

Is a Custom Frame Necessary?

If you have a print or other piece of artwork that does not fit in any of the standard picture frame sizes, you may need to purchase a custom frame. In the Frame Destination shop, all standard sizes are listed for convenience; to purchase a custom frame, you simply check “Customize this preset frame size” and enter in the details of your artwork. The frame will be recalculated automatically depending on your choices, including mat board border widths and artwork overlap — and everything is still customizable — until you reach the custom frame you want. If you still aren’t sure, you can upload your artwork or print to view it in the frame before you order.

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4 thoughts on “How to Select the Right Picture Frame”

  • Ellie Davis

    I like that you suggest that you want to make sure you pick the right picture frame color. My husband and I are wanting to frame our family picture. I'll have to look into finding the right frame for it.

  • Alex Dean

    We recently just got our wedding pictures back, and I am wanting to make sure that I choose the right frames for our favorite ones. It's good to know that choosing a dark frame to go with out lighter pictures will create a nice visual effect to the room. This is something that we will take into great consideration when we go frame shopping. Thanks for the information!

  • Jackie Oliver

    I like the look of mat boards in picture frames. Like you said, it makes the picture itself stand out, but also hides any rough edges. I have a pretty picture of my mom and I, but one of the edges has been really torn up. I've tried to frame it in the past, but it doesn't look very nice. With a board like this, I would be able to frame it, and it would look so nice!

  • Andy Harrison

    With picture frames, can you pretty much go with any combination of color and material you want? I would assume so since there are many. With colors, I'm sure that you would want to go with something that isn't too vibrant or masking. No need to hinder your ability to see the picture.


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