Wood Frames vs. Metal Frames: Tips for Choosing the Right Style

Written by Mark Rogers

Picture frames can be made out of, well, practically anything. Glass, acrylic, stone, concrete, molded plastic, recycled materials, and many other items and materials can be used to make creative frames. Most frames, however, are made out of wood or metal, and for good reason. These classic and beautiful materials are readily available and are easy to work with, shape, and customize. Wood picture frames and metal picture frames are available in a wide range of colors with plenty of different styling details. They are a good place to start for any kind of picture framing job. To determine which is best for any of your photographs or art, or which will work best with the décor of your home or office, here are some things to think about.

Wood Picture Frames

Wood is a warm natural material, which can be stained in many beautiful colors or painted in an even wider selection of colors. Wood is a classic material for creating picture frames because it has been the traditional material for frames for centuries, owing to its ready availability and ease of use.
Traditional decorating style often calls for wooden picture frames, either to match other furniture items or simply for its own classic style and detail. Wood can be pale, dark, or a range of shades in between, or even gilt, giving you many choices when it comes to complimenting or contrasting the look and mood of any given image. Wooden frames can also be made with either very simple detailing or with very ornate levels of detail, offering a range of textures to suit your photographs, your personality, and the décor of the room in which you will display the photo or artwork.

Metal Picture Frames

A metal picture frame offers a more modern alternative to wooden frames. Frames made out of metal provide clean lines and are well suited to a variety of picture framesmodern décor styles, although a carefully chosen metal frame can look at home with a more traditional decorating style as well. Décor that recalls certain historical periods, such as the Art Deco era, also calls for the clean lines and cool look of metal picture frames to fit in among other period touches.
Metal frames, unless painted, may not offer the same range of colors as wooden frames do, but there are still plenty of choices to suit different photos. A narrow metal frame can also recede easily into the background, which in some cases is what you want for your photo display. The cool look of metal offsets many photographs, especially photos shot in black and white, and provides a very classy look.

Metal picture frames also offer some extra practicality over wooden frames in instances when a frame becomes damaged. If one side of a metal frame becomes scuffed, dented, or broken, it is possible to replace only the damaged side. Metal frames can be disassembled and reassembled, making it a simple matter to replace a broken or damaged piece. Wooden frames, however, cannot be easily disassembled once nailed together. A damaged wooden frame needs to be replaced completely.

Wooden frames and metal frames are both beautiful options for picture frames and provide classic or contemporary looks at cost-effective prices. Frame Destination offers a wide range of both wooden and metal frames in many standard sizes to suit your picture display needs.

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