Can You Recycle Picture Frames (and Their Parts)?

Written by Mark Rogers

There are many ways to reduce our carbon footprint and protect the environment, such as bicycling instead of driving, taking shorter showers, using alternative energy, and, of course, recycling plastic bottles, cans and glass. Additionally, there is power to make a positive impact in the world with every Frame Destination purchase.

Picture Frame Packaging

We are particularly proud of how we package picture frames and other items to prepare for shipping — customers often comment on how well their items are protected during the journey. We use a number of different packaging materials to protect fragile items such as glass and mats and to ensure your order reaches its destination in perfect condition, and many of them can be recycled.

All of our plastic-based packaging materials listed below are recyclable, which can be identified by the Plastic Industry Association’s Resin Identification Code — more recognizable as those numbers within arrows arranged in the shape of a triangle.

Shrink wrap: Also called stretch film, this recyclable packaging material is made from polyolefin, a combination of ethylene and propylene.

Green bubble wrap: Made from recycled polyethylene, this packaging material can be thrown right in with the rest of the plastics to be recycled once again.

Wrapping film: Also called bundling film, this material is made of polypropylene and is recycled under Resin Identification Code 5.

The white mask on sheets of acrylic is also recyclable; the material is made from polyethylene and is identified as a 4 under the plastics code.

Compared to most packaged items you receive at home — stuffed with nonbiodegradable packing peanuts — our packaging is as green as can be. The only packaging material that is not recyclable is the packing tape, which, although made of polypropylene, has additional components that make it unrecyclable.

Metal Picture Frames

You can recycle any metal picture frame from Frame Destination — metals are valuable materials and can be recycled repeatedly without altering their properties. Recycling metals not only saves these items from the landfills, it is also great for the environment because it requires less energy to process than the manufacturing of new products using original raw materials.

Photo Storage Materials

Certain photo storage materials are completely recyclable, including Crystal Clear Bags. These bags are made from polypropylene and can be safely recycled with other plastics, according to the manufacturer.

Picture Frame Glazing

Acrylic is readily recyclable, according to Acrylite, the manufacturer of our acrylic picture frame glazing. We recycle our own scrap acrylic, sending any excess back to the manufacturer for recycling. Regular picture frame glass is often not allowed in regular glass bins, especially if broken, but some communities have special recycling centers where you can take this glass.

Can’t Recycle? Reuse!

Even if some materials aren’t recyclable, there are still picture framing items that can be reused. Mat board and mount board, for example, can be used for craft projects even if they have a window. Frame Destination makes sure not to waste a single piece of mat board — instead of throwing scraps away, we cut them into smaller mats and, when the need arises, donate them to local schools.

If a GalleryPouch has finished its job of protecting your paintings or framed photos, there are a number of other uses for GalleryPouch bubble bags. The frames themselves — especially wood frames, which can be stripped and repainted — can be turned into great holiday décor or used for creative sentimental gifts.

Our Sustainable Practices

Sustainable practices are an important part of overall responsible business practices. We partner only with wood picture frame manufacturers that practice sustainable harvesting, meaning that every handcrafted wood frame — whether it’s Durian, Pulai or Plantation Pine — is part of a plan to protect the earth’s forests.

We are honored you’ve chosen Frame Destination frames and accessories to provide a home for your art or bring your vision to life. We are also proud that with each new Frame Destination order, our customers have the ability to make a positive impact on the environment.

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