Holiday Decor With Frames

Written by Joely Rogers

Year after year, people haul out the same holiday decorations from the attic, basement, or storage — garlands, candles, bows and other knickknacks that have probably seen better days. This year, instead of relying on those ho-hum decorations, make your own fresh and inviting holiday décor with picture frames.

Door Wreath

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Hanging a wreath on your door is a time-honored tradition, but you’ll see the same evergreen-and-berry theme on almost every door in the neighborhood. Make a unique statement with your door by creating a framed Christmas wreath instead — and all you need is a frame, ornaments and some ribbon.

You can paint your frame any color you like, but even a plain white or wood will work. Simply thread the ribbon through the ornaments and tie around the top of the frame. In just a few minutes, you have a creative “wreath” that is ready to welcome your visitors in style!

Picture Frame Snowman

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Create a cute little picture frame snowman to greet your guests! To create this friendly fellow, you’ll need a few items: three differently sized picture frames (large, medium and small, preferably already white), black felt, white thread, burlap, paint, twine, a glue gun, a hat and mittens.

First, if you want a more rustic, shabby chic look, use some sandpaper to lightly scuff the picture frames. Paint a face on one of the burlap squares — two eyes, a carrot nose and a mouth – and insert into the smallest of the frames. To make the buttons, cut three or four circles from the black felt and sew a small X into the center; alternatively, you can draw or paint the white X. Attach the buttons to the two other pieces of burlap and insert into the medium and large frames.

Stack the frames on top of each other, securing with glue. Tie the mittens with twine and attach to the middle medium-sized picture frame, and add a dab of glue to the smallest picture frame to attach the hat.

Chalkboard Countdown

A chalkboard countdown to Christmas is the perfect craft for those with children who are just brimming with excitement for the holidays. If you already have a chalkboard laying around with a frame that has seen better days, freshen it up and build your own unique custom frame from Frame Destination in just about any size! Or buy a chalkboard blank and simply fit it into a frame — decorate it however you like — and use colored chalk to write your personal holiday countdown message.

Frames for the Table

Frame Profile 200 Frame Destination Wood Frame Profile 200

The holiday meal is the center of it all — it’s where the family gathers to enjoy each other’s company and good food. If you’ve broken out the fine china for the occasion, add a touch more class and create a menu: simply type up the appetizers, main course and all the side dishes (choosing the right font, of course!) and print it out. You could use cardstock and lay on one each place setting, but instead of spending money on expensive paper, just frame it and place in the center of the table. If your décor is bright and cheery, try one of these sleek metal frames in several trendy holiday colors — including festive red, green, blue and silver — or go for a classic and stylish look with the avant-garde wood frame or a dramatic ornate wood frame in Silver, Gold or Burnt Gold.

Alternatively, personalized place cards will also take the confusion out of the seating arrangements, and the miniature frames can act as take-home gifts for your guests after the festivities.

Holiday Card Holder

If you’ve got a lot of family and friends, the chances are high that you will receive countless cards — but you may not have the perfect place to display them. Grab your favorite frame and remove the contents so that you are left with the moulding only. Using hot glue, attach string horizontally within the frame. With small, decorative clips, you can hang your holiday cards — and keep your mantel clear of clutter.

There are a number of ways to decorate your home for the holidays — so grab a picture frame and start getting crafty for Christmas!

Last Updated October 15, 2020

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