• How to Get a Large Picture Frame with a Small Opening

    Playing with frame size and style is a great way to change the look, feel, and visual impact of your art. A popular trend in gallery framing and home art display is to use extra-large frames for smaller photos and art work. This creates a dramatic visual and draws the eye to your art display,... more
  • The 7 Most Popular Mat Board Styles Defined

    ol li {font-weight: bold; font-size: 16px;} The style, color and cut of a mat board can dramatically change the look of your framed artwork and photos. While most ready-made frames have a typical, generic mat, understanding your mat board options can help you achieve the final look you’re... more
  • The Best Way to Preserve Old Documents, Plants, and Keepsakes

    Picture frames, mat boards, and glazing help protect artwork and keepsakes from deterioration, but how do you protect unframed materials? Especially those with organic materials like dried roses from a wedding bouquet, or something more extensive, like a collection of plants. My grandfather was a... more
  • Frame Destination Featured in Interactive Artist Magazine

    Sandy McTier, a working artist, instructor and Editor in Chief of Interactive Artist Magazine, recently took the time to review our GalleryPouch and she certainly was impressed! Sandy is used to transporting her art by wrapping it in less-than-ideal bubble wrap, but found the GalleryPouch a... more
  • Spotlight Organization: Aardenburg Imaging and Archives

    Frame Destination is passionate about art display and framing on every level – from framing your favorite family photos at home to providing the perfect framing supplies and transportation materials for gallery shows and art sales. While Frame Destination’s day-to-day focus is on offering... more
  • How to Position and Attach a Hanging Kit to Your Metal Picture Frame

    If you want to hang your framed art or photo on a wall, you’ll need a picture hanging kit or brackets. Using a hanging kit gives you more flexibility and a lower chance of uneven hanging than brackets because it is wire-based and can easily be adjusted. All of Frame Destination’s complete metal... more
  • How to Remove and Replace the Spring Clips in your Metal Picture Frame Package

    Spring tension clips, or simply “spring clips”, are used to keep the picture frame’s components, mount board, artwork, mat board, and glazing, secured tightly within the frame. When you purchase a metal picture frame from Frame Destination that includes components such as mat board, mount... more
  • How to Clean an Ornate Frame

    Receiving a piece of art in an ornate frame is both a blessing and a curse. At some point, you’ll have to deal with cleaning that frame with all its embellishments. The frame is beautiful, but, more often than not, it has an intricate design and a delicate finish that requires extra care when... more
  • Choosing the Right Framing Glass for Clarity and Protection

    When you’re framing a piece of art or a photo and it comes time to choose which type of glass you’d like, how do you decide? Glazing, or frame glass, is an often overlooked step in the framing process because most people focus on the mat and frame. Choosing the right glazing can make a dramatic... more
  • Frame Destination Featured in ArtWorld News

    Our innovative GalleryPouch, designed to better protect artwork during shipping, transportation, and storage, continues to gain media attention. Most recently the GalleryPouch was featured in the January 2016 issue of ArtWorld News. Here’s an excerpt: Mark Rogers, founder and president of... more

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