• What Are Ready-Made Picture Frames?

    Great framing protects art and displays photographs at their best. Frame Destination provides quality, affordable framing materials to suit any type of artwork. Our custom frames allow you to choose exactly the right size and style to support and showcase your photographs or artwork. However,... more
  • How to Care for Paintings That Aren’t Under Glass

    In many cases, framing art with a protective glazing is a good idea, but glass isn’t suitable for all types of art. Printed artwork such as photographs are generally fine with glazing, and the right choice of glass or acrylic combined with a quality picture frame can help prevent the... more
  • Getting Started With Photography

    Buying a new camera is an exciting investment, whether you’re a total beginner who is starting out with a mid-range digital camera or an avid amateur investing in a new high-end camera or accessory. However long you’ve been shooting, there’s always something new to learn and especially... more
  • A Simply Elegant Solution for Packing Pictures – The GalleryPouch

    By Tom Hubbard for the Portland Metro Photographic News (11/09/2009) For exhibiting photographers, one of the most time consuming, costly and frustrating experiences is packing valuable pictures for shipping. I consider this on-going and thankless event a total waste of my time. Yet, it can’t... more
  • How the Wrong Picture Frames Damage Artwork

    The artwork we collect in our homes becomes a part of our personal stories, reflecting our own tastes and individuality and offering insight to about who we are. Hanging framed artwork in our homes can inspire, calm and remind us about what we find beautiful in life. It’s pretty absurd, then,... more
  • Nielsen Bainbridge – A Leader in Framing Supplies

    The Nielsen Bainbridge name is synonymous with high-quality frames and framing supplies. Nielsen Bainbridge products are used all over the world by professional photographers as well as museums and archives with a deep responsibility for displaying and preserving artwork and documents. Formed... more
  • How to Properly Clean Documents Before Framing

    Most people are aware that properly framing a document or a piece of art is one of the best ways to keep such pieces clean and protect them from deterioration – that’s the whole point of archival framing practices used by museums and document collections. However, it’s less commonly known... more
  • Five Craft Projects You Can Do With Mat Board and Other Framing Supplies

    Mat board is an essential item for serious photographers, who understand that the final display of a photo is critical to fully appreciating it. The choice of picture frame and mat can have a big influence on the look and mood of a great picture. But mat board has a lot of other potential uses.... more
  • Getting Crafty and Creative With Picture Frames

    If you need a simple and classic way to get a picture or set of pictures framed for hanging, ready-made picture frames are a great, fast and easy choice. Using a high-quality frame can be all you need to display your artwork or photo memories. But blank frames also provide the opportunity for you... more
  • How to Store and Organize Your Photos

    Almost all photographers today work with digital cameras, from the most casual snapshot-shooter to successful, professional photographers. Many photos taken today are archived in digital form and never printed. However, many individuals have large film photo collections, perhaps stretching back for... more

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