• How to Create a Photo Wall Display Using Picture Frames

    If you’re an avid photographer or simply like to surround yourself with lots of pictures, figuring out how to display pictures can be an interesting challenge. Hanging pictures in simple, boring rows doesn't do them justice, and it isn't always visually appealing. But having a huge jumbled wall... more
  • Does Archival Framing Matter?

    Guest post by Catherine Jo Morgan, The Heart Painter In talking with gallery owners and other artists, I've found two different approaches to framing paintings. Some suggest "just anything to get it on the wall"—in other words, cheap mats and frames. The expectation is that the buyer will... more
  • CD and DVD Archiving: Quick Care and Handling Guide

    For nearly two decades, CDs have been a medium of choice for archiving computer data, and they were later joined by DVDs. Anyone who has suffered from data loss knows how important it is to back up computer files – especially photograph collections. As a photo storage option, burning photo files... more
  • Your Memories Are Custom…Are Your Picture Frames?

    Nobody has cookie-cutter memories of special events, school plays, vacations with family, major work milestones, or other significant life events. These are the memories we capture in photographs and display on our walls, desks, and scatter around the rest of our spaces. While the moments we record... more
  • Wood Frames vs. Metal Frames: Tips for Choosing the Right Style

    Picture frames can be made out of, well, practically anything. Glass, acrylic, stone, concrete, molded plastic, recycled materials, and many other items and materials can be used to make creative frames. Most frames, however, are made out of wood or metal, and for good reason. These classic and... more
  • San Antonio Art Show with Richard Nitschke

    Frame Destination customer Richard Nitschke recently held a "hit-and-run" art show in San Antonio, Texas. We'd like to congratulate him on the show and his work, some of which are now part of the permanent archives of the National Library of France. His choice of materials includes Frame... more
  • Lineco: Get to Know This Leading Manufacturer of Archival Materials

    When searching for archival materials, it is important to buy the best products to get the most protection. This is exactly what you will find when you choose Lineco materials. With a pedigree of quality, Lineco is constantly improving upon the high standards they have already set in the... more
  • Frame Destination’s GalleryPouch™ Bubble Bags - Protection You Can Count On

    Hi, I’m Joely Rogers, Vice President of Frame Destination. I am also a long-time visual artist and recently started showing my artwork in galleries. Today I’d like to talk about my experience using our GalleryPouch™ Gold Premium Bubble Bags to transport some of my artwork to a gallery in... more
  • 2014 Picture Frames Trends

    Trends come and trends go, even for picture frames and artistic arrangements. 2014 looks to be an exciting year for a lot of reasons, and the upcoming trends in art and picture frames are sure to excite you. Here's what you can expect in 2014. Snow White Is In The minimalist palette has been taking... more
  • How to Select the Right Frame for Your Picture

    Once you have decided to frame a picture, it is time to choose the best frame for the job. The frame is designed to protect and enhance your pictures or artwork as well to assist you in hanging pictures on the wall, and there are a few tips to keep in mind as you are selecting the right picture... more

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