• How to Select the Right Frame for Your Picture

    Once you have decided to frame a picture, it is time to choose the best frame for the job. The frame is designed to protect and enhance your pictures or artwork as well to assist you in hanging pictures on the wall, and there are a few tips to keep in mind as you are selecting the right picture... more
  • Frame Destination Featured in Professional Photographer

    Metal print media is increasingly popular and the trend was covered in a great article in the December 2013 issue of Professional Photographer. However, as the article pointed out, printing on metal comes with its own unique set of challenges – especially during shipping. The one disadvantage... more
  • Understanding the Types of Picture Frame Mat Boards

    When framing a picture, you may opt to include a matboard. The main reason to do this extends beyond aesthetics. In fact, when using a high quality mat board, it is possible to protect your picture or artwork from being discolored by the acidic properties of a wood frame or from external factors,... more
  • Floating Picture Frames: Discover a Unique Way to Accent Gallery Wraps

    Gallery wraps are a great addition to any home or office. Simply hanging the canvas wrap on the wall may create a look that is a bit austere. You can accentuate the look of your canvas wrap when using floating picture frames from Frame Destination. These attractive and easy to use floating frames... more
  • How to Hang a Picture Frame

    When you find the perfect picture frame for your artwork, the next step is to properly hang it. Hanging the picture improperly can result in a number of problems, including cracked or falling picture frames, unlevel frames, and even damaged pictures. Here are some tricks for making sure that you... more
  • Packing Art and Photos to Keep Them Safe While Moving

    When we’re packing up to move there are a few things that get special wrapping and packing attention: electronics, dishes, mirrors, and glass. Your framed and unframed artwork and photos should be right up there with other valuables. Whether you’re packing a one-of-a-kind art piece or... more
  • Creating an Art Gallery - at Home

    When thinking of gallery walls, Gertrude Stein’s Paris salon comes to mind. A pioneer in art collection, the Stein Salon is considered to be the First Museum of Modern Art. The walls, from floor to ceiling, were covered with great works of art by the likes of Matisse, Picasso and Cézanne. Of... more
  • Archival Photo Corners

    Many of us think of photo corners like the ones in the photo albums our grandmother had. Beautifully constructed with thick black paper and black photo corners, these were designed to house a multitude of memories while adding an extra touch to help showcase the entire collection. As times have... more
  • Six Ways to Lower Picture-Framing Costs

    1.    Don’t purchase from a retail store 2.    High volume purchases  3.    Shop local 4.    Sacrifice service 5.    Buy raw material 6.    Sacrifice quality 1)    Don’t purchase from a retail store – skip the middle man when you can and either buy from a manufacturer,... more
  • The Benefits of Acrylic Glazing

    When you are starting a framing project, choosing the proper elements may be a little confusing. Framing a prized piece of art requires choosing a frame type – metal, wood or plastic; the matting to protect and showcase your picture and the glazing. You can either elect to use glass or acrylic;... more

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