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  • Storage Resources

    How to Store and Organize Your Photos

    April 11, 2019
    Almost all photographers today work with digital cameras, from the most casual snapshot-shooter to successful, professional photographers. Many photos taken today are archived in digital form and never printed. However, many individuals have large film photo collections, perhaps stretching back for...
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  • Mat Board

    How to Decorate Mat Board

    April 4, 2019
    Mat board serves two main purposes: it protects your artwork — keeping your art from touching the glazing — and provides aesthetic interest, as it provides a neat border around the print or photograph. But picture mat board doesn’t just have to be white, off-white or any other solid color....
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  • Picture Frames

    How to Frame Movie Posters

    March 22, 2019
    Seen by most just briefly in the movie theater lobby, movie posters are actually a very popular collectible. Passionate collectors search high and low for vintage movie posters to proudly display – or sometimes keep hidden away safely in storage — taking care not to damage these sometimes...
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  • Artie's Eight

    Bridging Gaps Through Art: Beck Seitsinger Artist Spotlight

    March 20, 2019
    Hello, Artie here. Welcome to my first issue of “Artie’s Eight,” a new blog series spotlighting artists and photographers from around the country. I couldn’t think of a better artist to begin with than 11-year-old Austinite Beck Seitsinger or a better way to illustrate his passion for...
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  • Picture Frames

    The 5 Most Surprising Things Found in a Frame

    March 12, 2019
    The only items you’ll normally find in a picture frame are the artwork, mat board, backing board and glazing. For some lucky art collectors, thrift store shoppers and at-home framers, however, there was a little more to the frames than met the eye. Declaration of Independence in a $4...
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  • Resources

    The Most Common Poster Sizes

    February 21, 2019
    Artwork doesn’t typically come in standard sizes, but there’s one area where that doesn’t actually ring true: posters. There are many standard poster sizes, including movie posters, advertisements and band flyers, used for both commercial and personal advertisements — but all these various...
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