• 3 Professional Photo Mounting Products You Need

    You may spend hours taking the perfect photo or creating a masterpiece to display in your home, but there is often far less thought put into mounting that artwork — which can end up being a big mistake. Your memories and painstakingly created artwork need the right mounting materials to both... more
  • New Picture Frame Destination Website

    I know we have been talking about this for too long but we finally got our new website for Picture Frame Destination live! We added some new mounting boards, less expensive paper mats, new metal picture frame moulding, and new wood picture frame moulding. The new site allows you to buy all of the... more
  • Inexpensive Picture Frame for 12x18 Prints

    For many photo labs, 12x18 has become the standard photo print size — even wholesale stores offer 12x18 picture-printing capabilities. Not only can professional photo labs print these sizes, the home photographer can print it as well, usually on 13x19 paper. The 12x8 print size is the first... more
  • Clearance mat packs

    Hi, just a quick note to let you know that we have recently introduced clearance mat packs. These are 10 or 25 packs of overstock mats from previous productions runs. We are selling these at over 50% off. There is limited stock so we may not have enough to fulfill orders of multiple... more
  • Frame Destination Featured in Entrepreneur

    Frame Destination was founded when I stumbled upon a problem that frustrated me as an amateur photographer – the difficulty of getting high-quality, custom sized frames for my prints. I launched Frame Destination in 2004 to help solve that problem for other photographers and artists.... more
  • Picture Frame Dimensions Explained

    At Frame Destination, we get a lot of questions about picture frame sizes: “What are standard picture frame sizes?” “What is the picture frame size actually referring to?” “How do I know my artwork will fit?” And, of course, “Why are you talking about rabbits?” (It’s rabbet!) You... more
  • White Picture Frames for Color Photographs

    In some parts of the country, a new trend has emerged in framing photographs that has turned its back on traditional framing. Traditional gallery-style picture framing typically consists of a simple black picture frame with a clean, white mat. The goal of this style is to keep the frame and mat... more
  • How to mount photographs

    I love photography and since I own a picture frame company that caters to photographers I get questions just about every day about how to mount photographs. I have created a picture frame info webpage that provides an overview of just about all of the various picture frame mounting techniques and... more
  • Photographers – the best customers!

    Owning a picture frame company that caters to photographers has a really nice side benefit that I did not foresee. I knew beforehand that I would have the pleasure of meeting great photographers all over the country via email and the phone. What I did not expect was how consistently pleasurable all... more

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