• How to Create a Gallery Wall for Travel Photos

    It has never been so easy to take photographs while on vacation. Most of those photos, however, go unnoticed, either scrolled past in never-ending social media feeds or kept hidden away on phones and memory cards. With more people jetting off to far-flung locations and more ways to take a photo... more
  • How the Museums Store Priceless Artwork

    For the most part, artwork that is hanging in a museum often looks pretty simple: sleek metal or original wooden frames, matted or not, hanging on clean walls. But even though the presentation in a museum is fairly modest, there is a lot more going on to protect these priceless pieces of art from... more
  • Frame Destination Unveils Advanced Ordering Features

    Ordering a picture frame is easy with Frame Destination, even if you have lots of personal specifications, unique sizes and requirements. It takes just eight steps to order a custom picture frame—and even though that’s still a lot less effort than most (online) frame shops, we are always... more
  • Designing Custom Mat Boards

    After spending quite a bit of time mulling over the choice of picture frame, the decision-making seems to be over—until you get to the mat board. While it’s certainly fine to choose the standard white or cream mat board, you can create a truly striking visual effect with the right color and... more
  • How to Calculate the Outside Dimension of a Picture Frame

    Art and mathematics may seem like odd bedfellows; however, understanding how to properly measure and choose the right size frame display based on the venue separates the art-show-ready professionals from the amateurs. If you are submitting art to a gallery or setting up a booth for an art show,... more
  • How to Frame 3D Art

    Memories are not just captured in photographs, and artwork encompasses far more than just two-dimensional paintings. Framing 3D objects—sports memorabilia, medals, flower bouquets and even jewelry or pieces of porcelain—opens the doors to decorating your home with what you truly want to... more
  • 5 Mistakes When Ordering Custom Picture Frames

    Buying a custom picture frame has never been easier. Instead of lugging your painting to a custom frame shop—which are now fewer and farther between—with online frame shops you can simply view, click, and order. Even though it’s easier, there are some common mistakes almost everyone makes... more
  • How to Find (Good) Ready-Made Picture Frames

    Not everyone needs a custom frame, especially when your photo or artwork is a standard size. Ready-made picture frames are plentiful—you can find cheap ready-made picture frames at craft shops and local big-box stores—but, unfortunately, they are generally not the best choice for picture... more
  • Picture Framing Throughout the Ages

    Over the years, picture frames have evolved in design just like the art they contain. The earliest picture frames—dating back to AD 50–70 —were simple, unadorned wood frames that served only as a functional way to display artwork. Hundreds of years later, the frames became pieces of art... more
  • Cropping vs. Floating Artwork when Using Matboard

    Here we explain the difference between “cropping”, also known as overlapping and “floating” artwork when using a mat board. Many customers have seen both options when viewing other people’s art, but are unsure what application will work best for their own images. When matting artwork, the... more

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