• Picture Frame Samples: See the Moulding Before You Buy

    It is often difficult to shop online, especially if you’re depending on the color selection — and with picture frames, which must complement the artwork or photograph inside them, it can be even more difficult to tell if it’s the right fit. Even with the right color calibration, you may not... more
  • Frame Destination Featured in Great Output

    Great Output is a print and blog publication that features “printing, marketing, and business resources for photographers, artists, and designers.” Being a custom framing resource, Frame Destination is a natural fit for Great Output and its readers. Recently, our innovative GalleryPouch Bag... more
  • What is Archival Mounting Board?

    Mount board gives custom framed photos stability and is an essential part of picture framing. Mount boards, often also referred to as foamcore, come in a variety of thicknesses, your choice of black or white, and support different mounting techniques (such as self-adhesive mount boards versus... more
  • Special New Bubble Bag Makes Framed Art Transport Easy

    Frame Destination Inc. has partnered with Andrew Darlow of The Imaging Buffet to bring to market our new GalleryPouch™ Gold art bubble bags to solve the problem of safely transporting framed art and canvas gallery wraps to and from art galleries and art shows. Our best version of... more
  • Inexpensive Temporary Photo Mounting

    Mounting a photo or art to a firm backing or mount board helps stabilize the print and gives it extra protection from tears, creases, and other damage. While typically you’d mount a photo before framing, mounting a photo, document, print, or paper-based original artwork that you plan to... more
  • How I sell my photography gear on eBay

    It is critical that you have an established account with some time and 100% positive feedback. If you don't your bids are limited to scammers, and people that are ignorant about how eBay works. For products like used camera gear, the law of supply and demand is as reliable as the law of gravity... more
  • Celebrating 5 Years in Business

    Frame Destination is happy to announce that April 2009 is our 5 year anniversary. 5 years ago I was an electrical engineer starting to go pro with my photography. I started doing some work for hire and purchased an Epson 2200 printer. I was thrilled to be able to do my own archival printing and... more
  • Alternative to Stretcher Bars for Canvas.

    Picture Frame Destination has added a new line of stretcher bar frames. Traditional tongue and groove stretcher bars are difficult to square and might collapse when you try to stretch the canvas. Our stretcher frames are ready made, pre squared and have permanent 90 degree corners. We use high... more
  • Glass vs. Acrylic for Photography Framing

    Making a decision about what type of glazing to use in a framed item causes a surprising amount of consternation. The most common question is whether to use glass or acrylic for the picture frame glazing. However, the decision really goes far beyond just glass vs. acrylic. Even seasoned framers... more
  • Which Type of Foam Mounting Board Should I Use?

    Foamcore is one of the most popular mounting and frame backing board materials for photos and other items. The name “foamcore” refers to the inner portion of the mount board, which gives it its rigidity —and makes it perfect for mounting photos. There are many different types of mounting... more

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