The Versatility of White Picture Frames

Written by Joely Rogers

Coastal areas are perfect for soaking up the sun and relaxing with strolls on the beach or through inviting local shops full of regional treasures. Clean, bright, and breezy art is a cash-cow for most coastal retailers and often the decor of choice for homes in these area.

Sleek unassuming white picture frames are unmistakably perfect for framing coastal or nautical themed prints or artwork. Homeowners and professional artists alike are finding the versatility of white or light colored frames makes them perfect for other styles of art as well, notably for botanical or nature-based themes and art that exudes bright hues.

Contemporary white frames with a clean sophisticated look such as the Nielsen Profile 117 and rustic white frames in the distressed style exhibited in our profile P531, create the perfect complement to the shiplap walls and white oak hardwood flooring that enhances the cottage feel of designer Raquel Garcia's airy Cape Cod home. White frames display mirrors or art in almost every room of her Connecticut home where she explains “peace and calm” are the emotions that encapsulate her design aesthetic.

White picture frames are also the perfect contrast to everything from ancient sun-kissed Spanish terra cotta tiles to modern decor and soft color palettes to vivid photography and patterns as exhibited in these examples from our creative Frame Destination customers.

The Rising Demand for Distressed Wood Mouldings

Recently we’ve seen an increase in the popularity for distressed white wood moldings. Though a mainstay on the coasts as well as in the southern US where whitewashed or barn wood moldings are extremely popular, in the rest of the country distressed moldings are increasing in demand as well. Many decor experts have listed texture as one of the predominate trends for 2019 as we see a desire emerging to move away from minimalism and back to the richness of texture and interest in our surroundings.

In addition to timelessness and texture, distressed mouldings add a sense of authenticity and craftsmanship to their surroundings. Our distressed white wood moulding, Profile 554 (Etched White) is a funky, folk-art style wood picture frame that features a slightly sloped 1 1/8 wide face to draw the eye down to the art. It’s versatile enough to grace the walls of a cottage or to showcase art in an eclectic gallery show.

Our Profile 531 (Distressed White) is a modern farmhouse-style wood picture frame moulding with a more heavily distressed surface. Its wide 1 1/8-inch face make it ideal for country home décor or a destination gallery show. To make your canvas art stand out, choose our canvas floater frame F797 which is available in a distressed matte white.

Tips on Mat Board Selections for White Frames

Mat board covers, protects, and enhances artwork and is part of a complete framing package that includes backer board, glass or acrylic glazing, and a picture frame. One of the misconceptions about using white mats with white picture frames is that they always have to match. This is a fallacy because tonal differences between the frame and mat board can actually create interest and enhance the artwork. To better understand the differences in white mat board colors or if you are curious which color of white is right for your art, see our blog post White Mat Boards for Picture Frames:

Understanding the Differences in Color. We also offer both frame samples and mat board samples if you need to compare colors in person.

Two Ordering Options and Quick Link for White Frames

Our Find-A-Frame ordering option allows you to simply click and go with filters that help you quickly find the right type, size, and style to perfectly fit your needs. Simply visit our new white picture frames quick-link under our Picture Frame category. Featured here is over 100 standard sizes or configurations of white frames kits including our whitewashed and distressed style frames, all which include a free hanging kit.

If you love the idea of a white frame, but aren't quite sure if the opaque white frame or the whitewash/distressed look is best for your art, browse all styles and design your own custom frame in our Build-A-Frame shop which also allows you to explore the different hues of mat boards that best fit the tones and saturations of your art.

White frames have proven to be versatile enough to achieve both a subtle complement and a stark contrast. For visitors to coastal areas, distressed white frames may simply be a fond reminder of the region visited as they mimic the appeal of driftwood near the ocean, but distressed styles which echo the timeless popularity of traditional wood frames are now seen as fitting for many different types of art and home decor.

Last Updated November 2, 2020

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