Metal Profile 2

Artwork Size:
" x
Mat Window Opening:
4 34
" x
6 34
Frame Inside:
" x
Frame Outside:
8 14
" x
10 14
20 Reviews
Sku: MD-META-X002
Artwork shines within a simple, narrow profile.

This high-quality frame is similar to the Nielsen Profile 117, but slightly shorter. The frame features a rabbet of only 3/8 inches and is ideal for smaller photographs or prints.

This picture frame profile is not tall enough to hold 3/16 inch foamcore and a double mat. If you need a taller version of this frame check out 117 metal frame profile.

Frame Options
Frame Type Frame Color
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Mat Options
Crescent Select 4Ply has the most color choices.
Crescent 4Ply RagMat Museum is the most archival.
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Popular Sizes
Glass / Acrylic
Frame glazing is critical to preserving and protecting framed artwork, photos, and prints. Frame Destination carries a variety of high-quality acrylic and glass frame glazing options.
Quality frame backing board protects your art and makes it easier to mount prints and photos. Choose from Frame Destination’s selection of regular and archival-quality backing boards.
34" Metal Frame Hanging Kit (Side Loading)
Complete wire hanging kit specifically designed to securely hang side-loading metal frames. Multiple lengths available to accommodate just about any sized side-loading metal picture frame.
$1.99 FREE with complete frame purchase
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(Spacers, Blank Mats & Extra Glass)
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FRAME Profile 2 Matte Black
GLASS OR ACRYLIC Clear Glass for Picture Frames
BACKING Regular Foam 3/16
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