White Metallic Finish Wood Picture Frame With Mat P572

Sku: FPC-168281694
Sleek White Metallic Finish Wood Frame - Elegance Meets Modernity
Our White Metallic Finish Wood Picture Frame is the epitome of elegance, merging the intricate textures of yesteryears with today's minimalist aesthetic. With its robust 1-1/8 inch rabbet, it's perfectly suited for a wide array of art forms, including canvas works. This chic frame is complemented by a white mat, your choice of glass or acrylic, foam board backing, and a free hanging kit, making it ideal for showcasing comic books, maps, vinyl albums, and more. Its metallic finish and art deco style will infuse any space with a touch of glam and sophistication.
Glass or Acrylic
Acrylic Glass
Profile 572 White
Mat Board
Single Mat Papermat-WC 4Ply White
Glass or Acrylic
Regular Foam 3/16
Unit Price
Total Price