Traditional Mahogany Wood Frame with Mat P210

Sku: FPC-168281273
Classic Elegance Mahogany Wood Frame - Timeless Style for Precious Moments
Embrace the timeless beauty of our Traditional Mahogany Wood Frame, meticulously hand-finished to highlight its sophisticated 2 1/4 inch broad face. Ideal for fine art photography, portraits, graduations, or wedding photos, this frame's duotone finish enhances any cherished memory. Including a white mat, your choice of glass or acrylic, foam board backing, and a free hanging kit, it's the perfect choice for those seeking elegance and durability. Elevate your home or office decor with this exquisite frame, blending seamlessly with both classic and contemporary interiors.
Glass or Acrylic
Acrylic Glass
Profile 210 Brown/Dark Woodgrain
Mat Board
Single Mat Papermat-WC 4Ply White
Glass or Acrylic
Regular Foam 3/16
Unit Price
Total Price