Distressed Blue Wood Picture Frame with Mat P792

Sku: FPC-168286004
Picture frame with deep blue sophistication.
"Elevate your gallery wall with our Deep Blue Sophistication Frame, featuring a distressed finish that exudes refined elegance. This 1-1/2 inch wide rustic wood frame, complete with a white mat and high-quality glass or acrylic, ensures your traditional art stands out with a classic touch. Each frame arrives with a foam board backing and a free hanging kit, ready to enhance coastal themes or grandmillennial decor. Ideal for encapsulating landscapes, precious baby photos, and cherished holiday memories, it promises to be the centerpiece of any room.

Possible uses for this picture frame:

  • Maritime Art: This frame would be ideal for ship imagery or seascapes.
  • Astronomical Photography: The dark blue could enhance the depth of space and night sky photos.
  • Black and White Imagery: The frame's color can make black and white photos stand out even more.
  • Architectural Sketches: It can provide a stately background for architectural drawings or blueprints.
  • Abstract Art: Abstract pieces with pops of color or metallic elements would be accentuated by the frame's rich tone.
Glass or Acrylic
Acrylic Glass
Profile 792 Blue
Mat Board
Single Mat Papermat-WC 4Ply White
Glass or Acrylic
Regular Foam 3/16
Unit Price
Total Price