Crescent Select Archival Matboard 4Ply Full Sheet

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32x40 Full Sheet Crescent Select Mat Board - Premium Protection, Vibrant Presentation
Unveil the full potential of your artwork with our Crescent Select Mat Board in full sheet format - 32x40 inches. Specially designed for artists and galleries who demand the highest quality, this mat board is crafted from superior 4-ply alpha-cellulose, ensuring robust protection and lasting beauty for your art. Completely acid-free and lignin-free, it guards against yellowing and deterioration, preserving your work for years to come. Each full sheet offers ample space and versatility, perfect for larger pieces or custom sizing. The vibrant array of available colors, including unique speckled, textured, and black-core options, allows for a perfect match with any artwork style. The mat’s bright white core guarantees a sharp, clean bevel, adding a refined touch to your presentation. Choose our Crescent Select Matboard for an unmatched combination of durability, aesthetic appeal, and artistic integrity. Also available cut-to-size with or without opening.
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