Angular Aqua Green Wood Picture Frame P435

Sku: FPC-168284549
Aqua green ocean-Inspired frames creates serenity.
Dive into the tranquil beauty of the ocean with our aqua green picture frame, evoking the serene hues of a tropical seaside. Standing at 1 3/8 inches tall with a 5/8-inch rabbet and a 3/8-inch width, this colorful frame provides the perfect showcase for your ocean-themed artwork and home decor. Each package includes your choice of glass or acrylic, a foam board backing, and a complimentary hanging kit, ensuring easy installation and reliable protection for your cherished pieces. Bring the calming essence of the sea into your space with this exquisite frame, designed to elevate your coastal-inspired interior with confidence and style.
Glass or Acrylic
Glass Acrylic
Profile 435 Blue
Glass or Acrylic
Regular Foam 3/16
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