We have a wide selection of popular white picture frames in metal and wood to highlight your art, posters and photos on your walls. Our styles range from sleek, smooth, and opaque white for contemporary framing, to distressed, rustic, and whitewashed for cottage and country home décor. With the affordable and high quality selection at Frame Destination, your DIY framing job will be a breeze. From large white frames for oversized artwork to a small photo frame for snapshots, our white picture frames are available in 30+ sizes including 8x10, 5x7, 16x20, 11x14 and more.

White picture frames are the ultimate neutral. That is the very reason it’s so easy to mix and match with so many styles of home decor. Whether you are going for a nautical look, a bohemian retreat or simply enjoy the neutrality of white wood frames to accent your walls, they are the ideal addition to showcase your photos and/or artwork. There are always a number of ways to display your frames.

Among those choices you can place your framed artwork horizontally, like a sequence of your most favorite memories. They also can be used in a completely informal arrangement, as well. White picture frames definitely provide an airy element to your home decor. So whether you're decorating the walls or using tabletops of your tiny home, cottage or desert oasis, if you’re looking for the perfect neutral use a white picture frame. Do you need to customize your dimensions? We can help with that too.