How to Order Custom Picture Frames

Our website supports full custom picture frames granting you full control over the opening dimensions, mat borders and frame size. The website will estimate shipping charges (except for special charges such as oversize) and calculate volume price discounts.

To order custom frames which include wood or metal frame moulding, mat board, glass or acrylic and a backing board just use the navigation bar at the top of the page to select Picture Frames - Complete Frame. When you see the SIZE pull-down option just select the size you need, or select CUSTOM which will be at the top of the list. You can leave off part of the components, for example if you already have glass you can order everything except the glass. If you do not need an entire frame you can go to COMPONENTS at the navigation bar along the top and select Frame Moulding, Mat Board, Mount Board, or Glass/Acrylic Glazing. You can order any of these components in our standard sizes or select CUSTOM in the size pull-down and enter in your own dimensions. Picture frames, mat board, and glass or acrylic may have a small custom setup fee but this fee is per size not per item. You can order all or part of a complete picture frame. Most picture frames have four primary components:

  • Moulding (the wood or metal frame itself)
  • Mat board (optional)
  • Mounting board (supports the picture and forms the back of the frame)
  • Glazing (glass or acrylic protective cover)

We have over 60 different picture frame sizes and 80 different mat board sizes. Click her for frame and mat sizes.

For additional help on how to specify the dimensions for mat board: mat measurement instructions.

For additional help on picture frame dimensions in general: frame dimensions explained.

The outer dimensions of the mat are the dimensions you will use as the custom size for the picture frame moulding, mounting board, and glass or acrylic. The mat board, mounting board, glass and acrylic will all be cut to the exact dimensions specified. We will automatically cut the picture frame moulding 1/8 inch larger so everything will fit inside of the frame with out binding or buckling.

Custom Frame Pricing: Some companies will just round a custom size up to the next standard frame size. Our custom frame prices are based on the exact size of your frame. Once you place your custom components in the shopping cart you can change the quantity of the items to see the volume discounts (4, 10, 25, 50, 100…). We have a $2.50 setup charge mat board and acrylic. There is no setup charge for custom moulding or mounting board. So if you order 10 complete custom picture frames of the same size, for example, the custom setup charge is just 25 cents per frame.

Picture Frame Hanging Kits

We offer three different types of hanging kits. Two of them are for metal frames and the third is for wood frames. All hanging kits are available in 3 sizes.

Hanging kit for Wood Picture Frames

All of our wood picture frames use the wood picture frame hanging kit. This kit contains 2 screw hole hangers to hold the wire, plastic coated wire and two wall bumpers.

Wood Picture Frame Hanging Kit

Hanging kit for Metal Side-Loading Picture Frames

This kit is for all of our custom metal picture frames and our Nielsen Photography Collection Photo Frames such as the16x20 photo frame. This kit includes two omni hangers for holding the wire, plastic coated wire, and two wall bumpers to protect the wall where the picture frame is hung.

Side-loading Metal Picture Frame Hanging Kit

Hanging kit for Metal Back-Loading Picture Frames

This kit is for back loading frames such as Nielsen Gallery Collection Photo Frames (sold elsewhere). This kit includes two squeeze clip hangers for holding the wire, plastic coated wire, and two wall bumpers to protect the wall where the picture frame is hung.

Back-loading Metal Picture Frame Hanging Kit