Laura Walker, Chief Operations Officer – COO

Joining Frame Destination in 2018, Laura has been integral in helping to expand its success and amazing company culture. With over 20 years of experience across the US in Retail Management, HR, Training, Manufacturing and Operations, she brings a wealth of knowledge of overall organizational development. 

Laura’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management, Cum Laude, from UT Arlington, while she also holds a PHR Certification. She has recently been recognized by various organizations to speak, and collaborate, on professional panels such as “Optimizing Your Supply Chain and Operations Strategy” and “Payment and Post-Purchase Experiences” at multiple conferences, such as the annual eCommerce Summits in cities that include Dallas and Nashville.  

In addition to her career success, Laura is an advocate for animals (just ask her rescue pup, Harley Mae!) She’s been an active volunteer for an organization, called Dallas Pets Alive! for over 7 years. They work with local governments, patrons, shelters, and various others to implement realistic solutions and programs, to address the current overpopulation that Texas faces, with an overall goal to educate and eliminate the necessity for kill shelters. 

Overall, Laura holds a firm belief in The Golden Rule, and that the opinions of those around her will provide the clearest possible picture of her. Below are a few statements from her Frame Destination family.

-"Great understanding and capability to put in processes that not only help the company function more efficiently, but also help build a team and environment people enjoy being a part of.” Mark Rogers, FD Founder/Owner

- "Laura is the epitome of responsible professionalism. She is a strong, thoughtful leader who demonstrates a high level of empathy towards both customers and employees." Joely Rogers, FD Founder/Owner

- "I've worked with Laura for over 10 years and her guidance and faith has helped me be the best version of myself every day! She has a special gift of helping those around her achieve their goals." Heather Roddy, FD Customer Service Manager

- “Laura makes everyone feel heard, and treats everyone with respect. She is always willing to help - no problem is too small or too big. She is a thoughtful and wonderfully inspiring COO.” James Seyer, FD eCommerce Manager

- "Laura has been such a wonderful mentor to me! I have learned so much over the past 4 years and look forward to seeing how our company continues to grow!" Melody Williams, FD Executive Assistant

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