What you will receive in the floater frame package:

  • The Floater Frame
  • Corner Hardware
  • Screws for attaching stretcher
  • One Hanging kit, which includes wire, euro hangers and wall bumpers
Assemble the frame.

Select one of the frame pieces for the bottom. Place one smooth angled plate and one angled plate with screws in each side with screw heads facing outwards. Gently snug the screws enough to hold the plates in the frame. Attach two sides, tightening the screws enough to hold them in place. Insert corner hardware in the top side and attach it to the frame. Verify all four corners are square and tighten all the screws.

Insert canvas artwork.

Small pieces of cardboard can be used as temporary spacers to ensure the canvas sits squarely in the center of the floater frame.

Insert screw.

Into pre-drilled hole and secure into wood of the stretched canvas on one side.

Add screw to other side.

Verify the canvas is still oriented properly inside the frame. Insert screw and tighten into a pre-drilled hole on the opposite side of the frame.

Add additional screws to secure canvas as needed.

If the canvas is warped, only use screws on two or three sides of the frame. For larger frames, you can insert more than one screw per side as needed.

Tighten screws only to the point of a secure attachment as over-tightening may actually cause the stretcher to warp.
Install Euro Hangers.

Insert the hanging wire mounts into the groove of the appropriate sides of the frame. You may need to loosen the screw in the mount before you can insert. Tighten the screw on each mount to secure them in place.

Hanging Wire.

Attach the hanging wire to the wire mounts and tie off each end.

Wall Bumpers.

Attach the wall bumpers to the two lower corners of the frame.


Hang your beautifully floated canvas art!