Backing & Protection

Protection supplies defend against dust and dents in storage and on display.
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$9.93 / Default 8x10 Configuration

Archival Photo Storage Box - Acid-Free

$18.99 / Starting at
Additional Options Available

Protective Crystal Clear Bags

$4.65 / Starting at
Additional Options Available

Frame Backing Paper - Acid Free

$11.99 / Starting at
Additional Options Available

Lineco Cotton Darkroom Gloves

$18.99 / ea

Kraft Backing Paper Dust Cover Paper

$8.99 / ea

Keep your artwork and pictures frames safe from damage whether they are on display, on the move, or in storage with high-quality art, photo and frame protection supplies. Frame Destination sources the highest quality materials for artwork protection, including dust covers and archival picture frame backing paper suitable for preservation.

To protect the picture frames as well as the artwork, especially during transportation and storage, we carry picture frame protectors, acid-free tissue paper and bubble bags. With these frame protection supplies, you can keep your framed art free of dust, oil, dents, scratches, and dings for years to come.