Your Memories Are Custom…Are Your Picture Frames?

Written by Mark Rogers

Nobody has cookie-cutter memories of special events, school plays, vacations with family, major work milestones, or other significant life events. These are the memories we capture in photographs and display on our walls, desks, and scatter around the rest of our spaces.

While the moments we record in pictures are special and unique to us, not everyone gives much thought to the frames that hold and display their important photos. Some simply go to a store and pick out something the right size (or close enough) and call it good for their most precious memories.

While basic, common frames do get the job done, using a basic frame doesn't do anything extra to make your photographs look their best, set them apart, or to draw attention to them in an attractive way.

The Problem with Standard Frames

Standard picture frames do indeed get the job done, they don’t do much else. Basic frames work in a snap if all you want is a quick solution for a photo that will sit on a shelf or hang on the wall (and that you’ll likely forget about). But a custom frame offers many more possibilities and can enhance both your pictures and your space in multiple ways.

For one thing, standard frames are only created in a few sizes. Frames that measure 4x6 inches, 5x7 inches, 8x10 inches, and so on, are familiar and acceptable. But not all pictures look their best at these sizes, nor are they taken to conform to these standard measurements.

Digital photography and image editing offer many possibilities when it comes to creating exactly the right image via cropping and resizing. If you take a picture that is slightly off center or that includes something undesirable at the edge because it was impossible to capture the image without it, or if you simply decide you want to be creative and create a picture in an unusual size, you can do it very simply.

But without the right size and shape of frame, it is difficult to display that creative, special image in the best possible way.

It's also worth noting that not all display spaces conform to standard frame sizes, either. If you have a narrow strip of wall, for example, a standard size frame may not be the right proportion to fit it.

But a narrow photograph, especially one you have cropped to a custom size, may be the perfect thing to display there – if you can size a picture frame to suit. But Frame Destination has a different idea of “standard.” Frame Destination offers frames in 60 different standard sizes, along with mountboard, matboard, glass, and acrylic to frame and display your photos with professional quality, giving them the respect they deserve as special memories for you and your family.

Unique and Professional Framing Options

If you want to give your photos a special display, there are more options than basic picture frames. One example is a floater frame. These types of frames display the full surface of a picture printed on canvas in such a way that it appears to "float" inside the frame without touching. These frames provide immediacy of viewing, and also add a three-dimensional touch to the display, making it more interesting and attracting attention to your photograph.

Another way to ensure your pictures are the center of attention is to mat them properly inside the frame. A mat provides a buffer between your photograph and what surrounds it, setting it off and allowing the eye to see it with fewer distractions. Matboard can be purchased in a wide array of colors and can be cut to fit inside any photo frame.

Last Updated August 1, 2020

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  • Pat Guzowski

    Looking for a standing frame that folds and holds around 12-16 photos in panels. Stands up, not a hanging frame. Have one now with 4 photos
    to the panel and 3 panels. Do you have anything that resembles this?

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